Faction Assault Tickets missing

Hi, I recently move with my faction to a diferent region (From Turner (ES) to Gwinnett (ES). In the process, our faction dissapeared. I was able to move to my new region, but without my faction (Yes, I chose “tranfer Faction” instead of “Transfer Player”). This “Bug” was fixed after a few days, but no faction assault tickets appeared. We had over 5 millions Assault tickets. I complained to Support and they gave me an amazing response: “We’re sorry to hear this, but just a gentle reminder, Faction Assault Tickets will not be transfering with you when switching regions”. Are you kidding me?!! What kind of BS is this?!? I really need help…
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We lost ours too. I felt like it was a who’s on first saga. They just asking questions that we had already answered. We just gave up.

Awful. Faction assault tickets always transferred with a faction before.
Fix this Scopely.

I can’t give up on almost 5 million assault tickets, some of them, were actually BOUGHT by a few of us. I demand them back…

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Submit the ticket. It’s the only way now

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Has this been brought up in PC chat? I’m assuming VV were affected as well.

I did, and they replied that the Faction Assault Tickets don’t transfer with your faction to another region. EFFING BS.

We also lost our faction on transfer but FA tickets were still there when we got it bk

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Darn it… You were lucky then… nice. I just want them back.

I hope you get it sorted !!

I’m having the same issue as well, but we still haven’t even gotten our faction league ranking back. All support keeps telling me is that they’re looking into it and to be patient. I’ve been patient for over a week, and others have gotten their issues fixed with no problems, yet there’s others who are getting the runaround. Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

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