Faction assault tickets in events


There should really be tickets in events… not always, but sometimes. It takes to much to get tickets


Let me rephrase that for you.

Faction Assault would be more fun if we didn’t have to farm for tickets. Tier levels should be free, and allow players to start assaults anytime. This would get rid of the boring need to farm, and speed up the process it takes to earn our first character. At this rate, Faction Assault will start to get stale after awhile from faction leaders having a difficult time motivating their members to constantly farm. People have lives, and cannot farm everyday, so farming for tickets is preposterous. Either increase the amount of tickets we can earn in events and farming to speed up the process, or remove the ticket farming feature, and let us play for free, which is better in my opinion.


4x tix for using a war energy. 12x tix for using tournament road energy. 9x tix for raiding.

But I’m guessing you want them as rewards for these events… which I’m guessing scopely will do at some point.


Seems a bit off at the moment, maybe have daily missions that grant 2,4,6x multipliers? The more you complete the higher the multiplier.


It is already stale. It will takes weeks to get enough tickets for my faction to play again.


Well then; there ya go. Lol


Well if we’ve learned anything we knnownscopwly under delivers.

It is set up to allow you to buy or win. Look at next to your daily cap. There’s a count for this.


Here we go, crw will offer 1k tickets as top prize