Faction Assault Tickets and Assault Markers



Okay, I had a first quick glance at it. And did a rough calculation on the generation of Assault markers. I’m calculating with reasonable amount of effort I would expect the average player to achieve per day.

So… you get tickets from depleting you world energy on the world and roadmap (1 energy = 1 ticket), aswell as raids (9 tickets each), and more (sr-tourney, territories, wars).

If you deplete your world energy twice a day and do a little raiding, you’ll generate around 200 Tickets per day (I assume this is what the average user does, so this is definitely off for heavy grinders and top factions). This would make 6.000 tickets per day for the faction ( 200 tickets * 30 faction members).

The first boss needs 125.000 tickets. That is roughly 21 days (125000 / 6000 = 21,91).

If you defeat the boss, each faction member gets 120 Assault Markers plus a bonus depending on his ranking (see pic below).
If you build the average out of these values, you’ll end up with an average of about 550 Assault markers per member every 3 weeks.

Now let’s look at the prices in the Assault Marker Depot. 6.870 Assault Markers as regular price for a tape.

6870 / 550 = 12,5. So you’d need 12 cycles for a tape, each cycle is 3 weeks. So we’ll have a tape within 36 weeks (12 * 3 = 36) of average farming.

I don’t like the looks of this. :smiley:

Just to clarify:
There are more ways to generate tickets (e.g. war battles), so you’ll generate more during those events. I was just aiming to roughly calculate a timeframe in which I could expect to get something out of the Assault markers.
Also the better bosses give more markers. We just don’t know yet, what it takes to beat em, so I just used the first boss for this calculation.
I thought maybe someone would like to know this aswell, that’s why I came here to share this. If I have overseen something, I’d be happy if someone would point me towards it.


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Thanks for the info. I sure hope they either adjust the prices of items or increase the rewards because 36 weeks for a duct tape is pretty terrible lol.


While I get you’re trying to account for the average player, 200 a day is actually pretty low when you don’t factor in territories and raids. 10 attacks against lower factions is very quick and an easy 70 points with 10/10 energy. I’d imagine even the average player at least raids somewhat to stockpile food, so it’s more points there.


200 points? you are pretty inactive…


I just want any of the new 5*. They all seem decent.


I think you have not read the post properly. I didn’t state I was only making 200 points. I’m assuming that the average player will make about 200 tickets a day. It’s not like everybody spends multiple hours on a daily basis in this game. And the biggest chunk of players is not in a top 10 faction I guess. I know a decent amount of players who start up the game in the evening when they come home from work, empty their world energy once and maybe also raid 2-3 guys. But besides that, not much else. Those are weekend warriors playing mainly in faction events like war. We’ve had plenty of those rotating through our faction.

Like I wrote, the grinders will easily make more points. The example is scalable though. Double the numbers (eg. 400 points) and you can cut the timeframe in half (so 18 weeks) and you still got a rough guideline on what to expect.


Okay, take for instance Davids Sheath Belt up there for 7.145. You’ll need 6 of those to get him in the museum. 6 * 7.145 = 42.870.

In the example above you’ need 78 cycles ( 42.870 / 550 = 77,9 ), with 3 weeks each cycle. So 234 weeks at this rate. So I guess the harder bosses are the way to go, if you want a 5* in an acceptable amount of time. And pushing your faction mates into generating way more tickets.


Yea, you definitely got a point. I covered some things to consider though above in reply to Partizan already.
I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. But I still think, it will take quite a bit to get some good stuff out of it. With Tara’s ear rings hidden in an RNG bag, I don’t think we’ll see her in action anytime soon though.
At least the ticket rates give a good indicator about the activity of your faction members.

Like I said already, tickets can be farmed. But it’s a grind indeed. And I don’t think every player will go for it.

We also have members with far more than that. But you shouldn’t forget, that a lot of these points come from the SR-tourney which ended today and gave 12 tickets per level. This won’t be so easy every other day of the week. And those tourneys do not come up every week.
Since we are at it: yes, wars also have to be counted in. Last war our top faction made around 100 matches. 100 matches * 8 players * 4 tickets will give you an additional 3.200 tickets. 242.000 more to go. :wink:

About the last boss… we’ll see how soon a faction can beat this guy. As long as he is not defeated, I think it’s misleading to put up a calculation based on those points. I guess only the top factions of each server can handle this guy. But those are a tiny fraction of the player base. Like I said, my goal was to give a rough guideline for the masses of players. And I think it stated that clearly enough.

Concerning the duct tape:
I don’t know why you have to get in a personal level. I used this as a mere example. I provided a guideline, feel free to adopt it.


Maybe it’s saying T4 recommended for your faction, it certainly does not for our (and the guy who just posted the screenshot).

I used the tape as example, because people in this forum argued, that Faction Assault will give a great way to effectively farm these. However, if I take an item for 7k markers as an example, I assume people are smart enough, to convert that to the item they desire. And I even made up an example for getting David in this thread for the other guy. I did by no means create this thread to make it look bad.

Concerning the tickets… I clearly stated that I assumed a rather low ticket generation. I don’t know what’s your problem. I think people are smart enough to read and understand my comment. Heck, I even wrote how it will work with 400 tickets. :wink:

Edit: His screenshot is gone, since he revoked the post.


Hi all, I was just wondering if Assault tickets would be something that factions would like to recieve in faction raids or faction level up tournaments?

And if so, how much would you think would be a healthy amount?



I think adding those would be great to intensify the teamwork in factions.

Concerning the amount I cannot say much at the moment. I guess we’ll have to see how fast factions can accumulate tickets to fight bosses.

I guess itt also depends on the amount of planned faction events. And sadly, those have been very scarce lately.


Yes, I know what you mean. Lots of solo level ups. Maybe to get people prepared for the Faction Assault that just got released. I hear ya though :slight_smile:


Cant be many that still can have 6*s left to level:)

Mick do we get tickets for completing a tier? And if yes, how many for each?

@kalishane aswell;)

Sorry if i missed it somewhere


You don’t get tickets for beating a boss. Docmatix posted screenshots of the rewards you get


@MICK_DEAD_END Assault tickets from Faction events are likely needed to keep teams cycling through every 5 or so days. We will have to see what the amounts should be.


I would reward them in tiers for faction events…
First place in a faction event - enough tickets to play tier 5
Second place - enough tickets to play tier 4
Third place - enough to play tier 3
4-10 - enough to play tier 2
11-50 - enough to play tier 1

Why release a new event that requires hardcore grinding just to play it? Without the 165k gift…at 1350 per day it would take a faction a full week to build up enough tickets just to play tier 5 one time. That seems a bit extreme to me. A regular event should be more playable then that. Its like giving kids their Christmas presents on Christmas day, letting them open them but they can’t play with them until New Years Day…


Hi all, I was just wondering if Assault tickets would be something that factions would like to recieve in faction raids or faction level up tournaments?

And if so, how much would you think would be a healthy amount?


I definitely like the idea of Assault Tickets as part of a prize in faction raid/level up/SR (P.S. it looks like SR might finally be back as a faction event). But I wouldn’t want this as a sole prize, or to remove other prizes from the tourney. If it could be added into a bag collection for instance, would be nice. Something like 20k 5* tokens and 150k F.A tickets in a bag for 1st prize.


So did abit of math. Im not highly skilled so correct me if im wrong.

On a normal day you can rely on getting tickets from world energy, raid energy and territories energy.

My world energy refill rate is 5 minutes and 15 seconds. You get 1 ticket per spent energy.

Raid energy refill rate is 45 minutes. You get 9 tickets per spent energy (if you win).

Territories energy refill rate is 1 hour. You get 7 ticletd per spent energy (if you win).

So assume you sleep for 8 hours each day!

At my level i would get 262 points from free world energy. 16 hours is 960 minutes, 5.15 refill rate = 186 + 76 from when you sleep = 262 tickets.

Raid refill is 45 mins. So 960 ÷ 45 = 21 +6 from while you sleep = 27 * 9 = 246 tickets.

Territories is 1 hour so 960 ÷ 60 = 16 + 8 from sleep = 24 * 7 = 168 tickets.

262 + 246 + 168 = 676 free energy tickets.

@CombatMan @kalishane

Do you think this is enough tickets per day? Most people cant do this on average every day.

676 per fac member * 30 = 20.280 tickets per day.

245 000 ÷ 20 280 = 12.08 days to open tier 5. Of course minus war, raid tournys etc. But 12 days is based on free energy alone if all your members sleeps 8 hours and uses all their free energy.

Given my math is correct, which it ofc might not be:)


This is exactly what I was going to suggest @Dray


Can’t spot a mistake right now. That’s pretty much it, when you deplete your energy the optimal way.
A world can will give you around 70-75 addtional points, depending on player level. A raid can gives 54 additional points.

But like you said, I think most players won’t get this amount every day.