Faction Assault ticket rewards

Has there been any news about the reward structure for faction assault? Like if daily ticket contributions will be taken into consideration when getting rewards.

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Going by amounts of tickets earned would screw all regions with a craft fac since it resets everytime u leave fac

You don’t need a craft faction. Can just agree to put no more than 1 team in then take as needed. Prevents the whole getting locked into other factions etc,


Yea if everyone would actually do that… IF

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that has been working swimmingly in Coosa for months now

Like anything else takes a bit of learning but works out.

I agree it would work well. But it’s not the learning, it’s the stubborn hotshot facs who are too stubborn to follow the rules and instead would stack it 150k deep lol

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Just to clarify im not saying it’s a bad idea. In fact in one of my regions we do it. However that region is an older, and deader region. Everyone knows each other well there and makes it work

We’ve actually done it fairly well in Decatur. Couple of pig-headed factions refuses to join the alliance, but generally now everyone takes crits, crafts and then let’s the single shitty 1★ team be beaten. The pig-headed factions never agreed to things, they’re too pig-headed of course, but they at least follow the agreement.

There is no point stacking the weapon territories and trying to hold them for 36 hours so your craft can finish and you start again. Waste of energy

Like I said, I totally agree. But ive seen how stubborn some facs can be :wink:

We found that having 85% of the factions ganging up on those who didn’t play ball eventually made the other 15% realise it wasn’t worth the effort of trying to hold them


We already went through that once several months back to make the craft faction happen. Really don’t feel like having to do it again lol

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Could you explain this more fully? We have a crafting faction so I know how that works, but I don’t understand the system you briefly mentioned.

We did it without a separate craft faction. All it took was the leaders who were happy to forget how much of a wanker they’d been to see the benefit.

Then we just arranged a time, agreed a faction to take the territory and rain hell down on the pigheaded faction holding them

Factions only ever put 1 team into the crafting territories. So if you want them, just takes 2 attacks per territories. Basically every hour they turn over to whomever wants them and we take 2-3 times a day depending on who needs them when they are on.

Sometimes multiple go after them at the same time but it isn’t a big deal cause in an hour they will be unlocked and ready to take again. A player here or there cam get frustrated when they don’t get it on demand but big picture it works just fine.


The #1 faction in our region tried to get all the faction leaders of the top factions to agree on a crafting faction. It was shot down but it was agreed to do the one team thing. If two players accidentally put teams in one will pull theirs before the shield hour is up…

The fact a player moves to another faction for the purpose of a crafting territory faction should not have any factor in the OP question. That’s on the players head to move out and lose bonus’

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Thanks. Yours works in an entirely different way to ours then! The craft faction holds all the necessary territories all the time, and players join it for as long as it takes to start their crafts and then they leave. All done in a few minutes. Of course this resets all assault ticket counters so my region wouldn’t be in favour of better rewards going to those with the most tickets.

What needs addressing is the final ranking of rewards by points scored once the Faction Assault is over. Everyone gets the same final reward in other faction events, so why not in Faction Assault?

It was meant to be a friendly rivalry between the members of the faction and giving the players who do the bulk of the work a better reward but because the way scoring works they screwed the implementation of this badly. If done right I see it as a good feature. As it is right now its terrible.

I don’t see it as a ‘bulk of the work’ issue rather than one of timing. We can beat L5 Negan assault in well under 24 hours. You’d think that during that time everyone could get in and get a high score. My experience is that it is those that get in first that get the high scores. Those that come after don’t.

This wouldn’t be so important if;

  1. you could do a faction assaut every few days and thereby alter the start time to suit all parts of the world that your faction comes from


  1. the score you end with didn’t determine which reward you could pick

Right now my only chance of getting the 6* T4 gear I want (as opposed to which gear you get based on RNG) lies with the assault marker depot. I ranked #6 in my faction in the last assault and that still didn’t give me enough points to buy a single hockey mask. The poor guys ranking below me might never get one (a slight exaggeration I know, but you get the point).

There doesn’t seem to be a need for ‘friendly rivalry’ in any other faction event so why introduce it into Faction Assault? I will agree with you that it’s been badly implemented, but then what’s new?