Faction assault ticket reset bug


So my daily ticket count reset even though the time doesn’t expire for 5 hours but it didnt actually reset because once I hit the max I couldn’t get more.

Hoping this is just a visual bug


You’re saying that between the first screenshot and the second, the ‘Daily Allowance’ count went to 0? What’s it show now?


Hi @Hedge!! Welcome! :sunglasses:


I experienced a similar bug. I don’t have screenshots of my tickets earned. I had just started collecting so it was not many but it was reset and the daily reset timer had 8 hours remaining.

I do have a screen shot of 4 5* characters I pulled from 5* tokens that are no longer in my inventory after the update. Along with a level up issue that reset my level up points to 0. I finished 5* Negan and had him ready to ascend. He was reset to lvl 77 and command Morgan that I had tier 2 was reset to tier 1.

Definitely some bugs in the update. Hope I at least get my 5* characters back!


Always happens at a certain time of day, or what?


Ah, I see. Yeah I think the faction leave/join thing is known… sounded like the original report was a spontaneous reset.