Faction assault ticket farming

In the region pulaski a faction known as “Fear” have made it a habit to look for dead factions in order to use the tickets gifted by scopely and have been using them to do tier 5 assaults. Their justification for doing this is that they are f2p and need to farm markers to “compete” with p2p. They are just a sorry lot who make it seem like they are the victims of the game to justify what they do among their list of exploits. I want to bring attention because they are getting members of other factions on board to make it seem ok. They go into global chat asking if anyone wants to join them in faction assault, another of their justification for farming markers. As for as farming markers goes we know it to be against the rules of the game since members of my faction messaged support and they said it was against their rules. Along with farming markers they are notorious for tower ghosting. I would like for regions from crw who faced pulaski (fear) to chime in on their tower ghosting. The reason I bring this up to hear from scopely about making this situation right, they are getting markers to buy gear putting others in the region at a disadvantage. Make this right and put and end to this. @kalishane

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The amount of people who are doing this in Chilton region is crazy.


People are just taking advantage of a situation. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t think its cheating. I do think it’s lame as all hell but that’s just me. Yeah I know I can do it too but I really could care less. I don’t think that extra 100 to the stats is gonna make that much of a difference, Fought a bunch of tier 4 toons this last crw and I still beat every single one of them.

The tickets are gonna run out eventually.


Some people I’ve spoke with remember a thread about farming fac Assault with an official response and reports of people getting banned for doing this.

The thread is nowhere to be found anymore. But enough people remember that I’m sure I’m not deluding myself.

My guess: scopely deleted the thread to hide info on this exploit.

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Its not an exploit just clever use of the game mechanics, with stealing leadership of inactive factions due to the leader give away, then using their tickets. Its good for some extra points if your so inclined to do it. Will it give people a dramatic edge not really but maybe a handful of pieces of gear which is always nice.


But where is your source it’s not an exploit?

Because I, along with some others, remember an official response that it is considered an exploit.

Like I said my source was a thread that was deleted.

Where did u get ur info that it’s not an exploit from?

@kalishane you play in Chilton, I know you’ve seen whats going on there with this issue…

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As @Gods says this is not an exploit, i myself have no problem with this , in fact it is probably helping as it is clearing out dead factions .They are not taking over factions with active users in ,only ones that people havent logged into in months

The fact this is happening shows that the core mechanics of faction assult is broken, when it is easier to move factions daily and do it rather than earn enough tickets to start one in your faction shows that it needs to be reduced


Don’t remember ever seeing a post, i haven’t been doing it as i’m too lazy, but plenty of people are.

Its just an unintended consequence of things they’ve put into the game. Usually gets addressed in the future if they really don’t want it happening. IMO FA is way to limiting as it is now, far to slow gathering tickets even among active groups.

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Yeah it’s slow af for regular factions. Now imagine being able to do T5 4-5x more than the rest of factions…

Also just because people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s not an exploit.

@Akearns source for saying it’s not an exploit?

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They are not doing t5, most factions have enough for t3. You may get lucky with some t5s but the majority i have seen have been t3 also due to the fact t5 takes either small group of coordinated strong players or moving alot more people. Either is easily doable but my experience shows lots of mid tiers being run.

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There is zero reason for your faction not to do this if you dont want to , i understand that you may not want to but it is necessary to do so m even with th most active afction you would be lucky to do tier 5 once a week and with all the tickets simply going wasted i dont see the problem with it. My region has over 3000 factions yet in events we are lucky if we see 30

Ther has been no official response from scopley regarding this as an exploit or not,so assuming it is an exploit is the same as me assuming it is not
i tend to think of exploits as things unetionally in the game that people abuse and gives major unfair advanteges to those abusing it, thee stash in beta for example giving unlimited coins, or armoury glitch back in the day, the ticket give away was designed for people in a faction to play faction assult, they arent being used, so you either leave theem in a dead faction collecting dust never to be used or you use them and i dont see the problm with that they were a gift designed to be used

My justification is that it’s allowed by the game mechanics.

Proof or didn’t happen.

It’s happening in Marion as well. I think its a great idea and applaud those who can be bothered to sort it out.

Nothing against moving factions in the rules of the game, if scopely want to give these tokens out carte blanche then people should be able to use them


Like I said, I’m not assuming it’s an exploit. i am sourcing a deleted thread that other people remember as well where there was an official response saying it’s an exploit.

@TheWalkerDude @CombatMan

Official stance on this Devs?


The devs been avoiding this topic like the plague as of recently, so I wouldn’t expect a response :wink:


Kali did say she will no longer answer threads she did not have 100% answers too, since she had enough of everyone being angry at the game…

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Not an exploit and I HIGHLY doubt anyone has been banned for this as the amount of people that would have to be banned would cripple their game. All three top factions in my region do it so that is 90 of the 300 or so active members of the region plus half of them being heavy spenders. This is the same as ghosting towers and farming/holding in war (before the surrender option) Scopely did not intend for this to happen but have stated it “is in interesting strategy” and thread CAN be found on the old forums, should I care to look.


@Master-beta remembers this thread. As does someone in #1 fac in my region. As does Pepperidge farm.

Believe me the first thing I did when I couldn’t find the thread was to doubt my own sanity, but those 2 others remember. There have got to be others that remember too.

Anyway. I feel that’s a better source than the people in this thread just assuming they know how to interpret scopelys TOS


I’m just going to chime in that this is not an exploit as everything being done is within the rules. You are allowed to leave your own faction, join any faction you want, assume leadership, open FA. It is even Scopelys automation that gives leadership and the FA tickets. There are no bugs or rule bending involved.

Back in the day, there was turn 1 eagle eye, and I consider that an exploit, yet it seemed like people were more ok with that.