Faction Assault Tara


After another tier 6 completion I have enough earrings to collect my second 5* Tara from the museum, yet to date I’ve only had 3 flare guns since Faction Assault was released (in a number 1 faction with a ton of activity). Obviously this toon is a running joke amongst the community, but is it an option to introduce a collection that allows us to swap unnecessary parts for ones we do need? As in, swap an earring for a flare gun or such-like. Obviously for right now it makes no sense for me to tier up 5* Tara unless I get enough flare guns to take her all the way to tier 4 6* on the very slight chance I get some platinum earrings in the meantime. It just seems such a waste!

I’m aware this is very much wishful thinking and extremely unlikely to happen, but wanted to vent in a constructive way. @JB.Scopely


tara is crazy good. i ran her from epic to legend. shes t2 max right now. she been leading since i ascended her. mods can make up the difference.


I have Tara 6* zero flair guns left but 2 gold earrings and a platinum it would be nice to trade that in for flairs but I been using her t1 with mods and she’s fine


I probably shouldnt say this but I would honestly buy the flare guns if they sold them in the store. She is one of my favorite toons and is only t1 6*


I would do the same I wish they sold the flairs


i have one more flare to reach t3. put it this way. i folded three taras into the legend i have cause while shes nice…she not nice enough to have more than one especially with the rarity of flare guns.


Not sure how everyone gets all these earrings. I have yet to get one. Been running t5 and then t6 since release and still haven’t gotten 1 damn earring.


I’ve gotten 6 gold and 1 platinum earring the earrings are the easy part


Same. Need flare gun to lvl her, but never see it in store


how the fk u guyz get that much ear rings to claim tara


run t6 negan. score top 3. you get double the bags so double the chances. when only t5 was available i got no earrings…was only getting flare guns. had over 10 guns when i finally got my first earring lol. once t6 opened i started racking in the earrings. still doesnt mean much if youre gated behind flare guns.


I don’t really have much use for her anyway so I’m not too worried. A few in my faction have gotten her and none of them use her.


9 gold earrings (can claim 2) and 4 flare guns. not going to claim her until I’ve a full set to at least ascend her to 6*. 1 will be just fodder


her active is great


had enough gold earrings to claim her 5* version 4-5 times from the museum but only have 6 flair guns so far :sob: …is she usable as a 6* t1 ?


yes. had her as lead for my red setup right out the gate from ascension.


what are the guns needed for?


Enough flare guns are SIGNIFICANTLY harder to get than Tara herself.
It’s a whole other Prestige Michonne situation.

Pass on a 5* tara if you can. The odds are better than you’ll get the 6* version first and need those flare guns all over again.


to tier her up…7 guns to t4 the 5* version, 12 to t4 the 6* version
@vetted_wounds thanks for the info i’m 1 gun short to max the 5*


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