Faction Assault T6 MVP “special rewards”


Sorry if this has been addressed already, but what “special rewards” do FA mvp’s get? Or is it random since the patch notes say that mvp’s are “eligible for special rewards” vs guaranteed? I finished 1st and, while I received more assault markers, my Negan bag was the same as 2nd and 3rd place’s


It appears that the top 3 get an additional reward within the victory bags, which you can see in-game.


Oh, thanks. I thought mvp’s are just the #1 finishers, not 1-3


Not just Tier6, all tiers now have it


so… after this patch don’t call “faction assault” pls call individual instead… this is not good for faction It’d bring us broken in faction rather than unite it together…


If your bored, Feel free to read all the comments that were said when this feature was first announced on beta and the reward disparity was noticed, if you look carefully you can see how valuable the beta users feedback actually is to the development of the game


I wish FA actually had a strategy component involved… Faction leaders would assign everyone into teams, and then deploy a team to each boss area, based on which teams had the strongest toons to beat that boss (i.e. - strongest traits or personas that could be used against that boss). Once all bosses are killed the Negan level would open for entire faction. All faction members receive same rewards, as reward levels would be based on how quickly the faction completed the assault, and not how much damage each person inflicts.

I know…this scenario would allow for free-loaders, but that already happens in other faction events. Plus that’s why people can be kicked :smiling_imp:v


I would love something that was actually you know…difficult for even the top factions. I miss the days when video games weren’t ez mode where some things were actually hard and you failed most of the time. You actually got a sense of satisfaction when beating stuff like that. Unlike the mess that is today where if someone loses they cry and threaten refunds. ffs


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