Faction Assault Summoning Reduction!


Faction Assault Summoning Reduction

Due to positive player feedback and increased engagement during our last Assault Ticket discount, we’re lowering summoning costs in our next update! In the next couple of weeks, the summoning costs will be reduced by 50% for Tier 1, 45% for Tier 2 and 20% for Tier 3. The new Assault Ticket costs will be:

  • Tier 1: 62,500 Assault Tickets
  • Tier 2: 91,000 Assault Tickets
  • Tier 3: 160,000 Assault Tickets
  • Tier 4: 230,000 Assault Tickets
  • Tier 5: 245,000 Assault Tickets

Stay tuned for this special discount and rally your faction to prepare for the assault!

Faction assault ticket reduction


can you lower tier 4 and 5 too?? Pretty please?


Why didn’t tier 4 and 5 get reduced? You only reduced the first three tiers and yes this would help smaller factions and increase engagement. But you shouldn’t ignore the fact that more engaged factions would also like to play tier 5 more often.


That’s only a limited time reduction right? Not permanent.


forget the reduction in tickets.

fixing how the points are distributed is the biggest issue!!!



totally agree!


Because if I had to guess the majority of players fall within the first 3 tiers which will help them catch up to the people that are able to do the last 2 tiers. They could release the last 2 at a discount but I think that would stretch the line even more out instead of keeping the player base somewhat in the same “tier” or close to it if that makes sense.


Well considering also that the points received by facs at those tiers is significantly reduced (2 stashes gained instead of 3/4 and lower quantity) that they need the reduction to compete on getting gear/toons from depot.

However, your biggest spenders and long time players are going to be the majority who are t4/t5 and not offering them an incentive is going to be looked at snubbing loyalty again.


Well if they do they need to grow up and be a bit more mature. I am a person that is on T4 and T5 and I think this is a great way to help the weaker players and factions. If you do not want to keep facing the same people in war or whatever… then this is a step forward.


Once again players that work hard daily to get those t5 will be getting a big fat 0 for their work


Those players that worked hard to max out a toon… gets a max out toon? Right?


WHy not discount T4 and t5? Not fair to the guys that put in farming anf work to get there.


You are not wrong but having your weaker players get stronger w/o a doubt will make you face new people in your region and other regions (CRW).


While I see why you do not like that we have to think about newer regions as well which have no chance at T4 let alone T5. So they implemented something that will be used hands down in all regions. This could be another reason for that decision but the best rewards should not be at a discount imo unless there is some festivity going on then I can see them taking that route.


Then that is choosing one group over others which again isnt fair to the players that work just as hard. Shouldnt matter for newer regions older regions. It should be for everone


Wht about Tier 5 :frowning:


Feels like deja vu. Didn’t they lower T1 - T3 already once and people were complaining about not lowering T4 and 5?


How about Just don’t lower any, and put in the work and effort to be where you need to be, and fix the other things wrong about Faction Assault. Add a counter on attacks for each member of the faction so the leaders can track who hasn’t used their attacks. Eliminate the individual scoreboard and distribute points evenly. I understand trying to cause some friendly competition within the faction but with the way FA works the people attacking th first couple mini bosses or the first phrases of a boss are at an extreme advantage over those attacking phase 5 of the boss. It’s a goal to beat the boss no need to cause order and chaos as well.


The sooner you realize you cannot please everyone you will then realize you need to please the majority with this wave. Next wave who knows, it could be the opposite to balance out what is going on here, who knows? I agree there should be some middle ground but a new influx of players is always more important or the player base just slowly dwindles so I am happy about this even though I do not benefit from it at all.