Faction Assault store Prices...different...?


We were posting what’s in our stores and a few people had similar to me…but with cheaper prices.
I’m assuming this is a glitch with the sale…


See the difference in price with the 6* trainer.


Supply Depot is always different for some. It depends on the daily/weekly rotation. Mine has dumbbells on sale for 1050. My faction mate will probably get that sale when his refreshes.


Thanks for info.


Op was pointing out the fact that the trainer on sale was more expensive than the trainer not on sale


Fac assault still bugged

with leader skill and bonus stats on weapons.

It’s like scopely wants us to have mirsable experiences…
Starting to doubt this game is meant to be fun.


discussed before as @ColdSoul pointed out. The higher price trainer is supposed to be Ulysses.


The Faction Assault weapon/leader stats bug was already brought up in a thread a while ago by @CombatDevil. It’s fixed in 9.1


When does 9.1 get released?


March 2018.