Faction Assault still broken


So weapon mods and lead skills still dont work after phase 1.

Lemme guess… the team is still working on it?

Maybe they should take a break from pumping out 6* promos and fix a broken game mechanic.

Its pretty disheartening going into the tank and not getting any bonus HP/Def/AP/etc while everything sure works great for the tank.


It was stated that it is fixed but will be out with next update


I just had an update, curious if its working right now.


I would also like to know what was fixed with this update. I’m hoping the ap gain issue with Carl and red governer and faction assault. Can we get clarification @kalishane or anyone else


Bumping this.


Not yet :):


made the whole experience crazy challenging ^^


9.1 is the update that has this fix in it

[Bug] Weapon Effects don't apply on Faction Assault when enter on second+ phase

If this is the hardest y’all have got, maybe you shouldn’t fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

We should beat it in a day on our next go around.


Is there an ETA on this? My faction is considering waiting. If it is too long we could just go again. But i think it would be better if the bug was fixed.


If it’s broken and people use tickets to do Tier 5 and they get close to finishing but run out of time. Don’t you think they should be compensated the tickets they used since if the leadership skills worked they would have completed it and they basically wasted tickets they could of used on an easier Tier? You guys know it’s broken but you let players keep wasting their tickets and time playing it and don’t offer anything when they find out it’s broken. Where is the customer service here? Somethings wrong you fix it and you make it up to your customer.


We understand that it’s meant to be challenging, and not done in one set of attacks. But it just isn’t fair that some people in factions get the bugs, and others don’t. A few of our high players got hit with it.


We are in connecuh and in top faction and beat that t5 faction assault with the bugs on it, we beat scopely game with these not working leader and weapon enhancement. U guys just need to use the brain and coordinated and assemble ur team


I love it that someone is suggesting pretty much to “■■■■■■■” in order to beat the in-game bugs. Oh man. Good one.
Oh. G-I-T G-U-D is banned here?


Because of this forum, my faction has saved all of the tickets and refuse to participate until it is fixed. Like with all new things, there will always be glitches! Running back to back FA is going to be sweet. :slight_smile:


Beta, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Clearly not catching bugs

Yeah, I went off lyrics a bit…


Is there a reason why you guys cannot provide compensation of tickets to factions who used their tickets and almost completed the assault but ran out of time. If the glitch would of been fixed, we would of completed Tier 5. But instead factions are wasting tickets with the belief that assault is working. You guys need to work on your customer service. When you make a mistake you fix it and you compensate your customer for any losses they may have suffered due to your problem. You wonder why people are quitting is cuz your customer doesn’t feel valued. How hard is it to compensate your customer when you clearly are in the wrong???




still no fix, this is boring !
there is no way you can do a cl5 with a little faction when the weapons and lead skills are not working !!
and no refund … of course …


Never a refund lol I’m curious if Scopely knows what a refund is lol has anyone ever gotten anything from In game support that wasn’t given to everyone affected by the issue? Just wondering why we bother messaging in game support with their automated/pre typed messages. Wish I could click a button to talk to a real person lol