Faction assault starting by itself bug

This week, our faction had a level 3 assault. We save for level 5, as level 3 rewards are useless to us. After talking, no leads purposely started this assault. Faction leader messaged support. Was told they cannot tell us who started the assault because it would violate privacy policy. All coleads messaged support and asked if their account started the assault to avoid privacy violation. We were then told that they cannot look up this info. After discussion among ourselves, no one who was able to start assault appeared to have been online at the time this happened. I believe this assault was started by a Scopely bug and they do not want to admit it as we would ask for compensation, and Scopely doesn’t believe in owning up to errors and properly taking care of them. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had similar issues.

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Don’t think ive ever seen anyone complain about this type of assault bug here or in game. Itd be a pretty weird bug, not sure how it could randomly start itself, but ya never know. Sure someone didn’t just jump the gun and now doesnt wanna fess up?

I don’t think it was done on purpose, but a “pocket dial” situation seems likely. Which is why we wanted to know who started the assault.

Thanks Vet, that was my assumption as well. It was the typical support runaround with one answer contradicting another that made me suspicious. That suspicion led me here to see if anyone else has had this happen

There’s a confirmation screen. This dude simply has a spy in his faction.

Or someone has a kid lol. If they do and they’re anything like my 5 year old…hell push buttons and then push whatever button that leads him to and on and on it will go.

Or a cat that walked across the screen while it was set down. The pads on their paws work on a touchscreen. On another note I always wondered if the retreat button in faction assault only needs to be hit once. Anyone know?

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They ask you to confirm, and the other leads need to agree to it as well.

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They should just put who declared the start in the activity log like they do for war

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It’s in there actually.

This same thing happened to us in the middle of the nite. All of the lead and co lead say we did not start it. Glad I found your post about this. Did you ever figure out what happened? Ours started in tier 3 also. This happened to us today, march 26. When all our leads were sleeping.

Never heard anything back.Scopely said there was no way to tell what happened

actually it doesnt ask other leads to confirm to start; only takes one. it does ask other leads to cancel when fa is already underway though. ask me how i know :smirk:.

Feel your pain. It almost happened to use on a t5. I had someone hit the retreat button too and of course no one confessed. If you are the leader and you demote all the co-leads on your squad the retreat goes away.

Scopely you need to show this info. We need to know who’s the jerk who does these things so we can give them the boot. Same with starting wars as well.