Faction Assault - Single Player Mode Needed

Hi @kalishane, @Shawn.Scopely, @CombatDevIl

Im sure you guys heard so far that the most disappointing fact in faction assault is that the actual play time is around 5 minutes for 2-3 days then go back to ticket gathering grind. I understand it is a new game mode that probably will have some amendment before reaching final shape but I doubt that above fact will change.

In addition to the frustration of possibly being the best ticket gatherer in a faction yet ending up getting the worst reward cause u didn’t attack on early stages (talking about tier 5) or just having bad pull results from the crates.

Above 2 factors makes this game mode a bit dull. A possible way of altering that is by creating a single player mode to the same outline where a player can work towards beating those bosses throughout a period of 10-15 days maybe (more or less) - using raid refill energy for attacking as much as desired is possibly a great way to make raid tanks valuable again too. killed toons would be refreshed more frequently I guess to make completion more achievable. Not sure if new tickets for single mode is better or just using the same tickets is better and easier.

Not sure if that needs a complicated new coding as most of it is already there.

Hope u guys work it out


Sounds similar to Survival Road. Maybe they could add a boss stage(s) at the end of each SR tournament milestone for better rewards? Or add an optional boss stage at the end of the daily’s for bonus gear?