Faction Assault scores reset

We started a faction assault 3:30PM Pacific time yesterday. Everyone in the faction had attacked and scored points except for one faction member. At 9:30AM Pacific today, one of our faction co-leads noticed that only 3 people had any points on the faction assault leaderboard, including people who had already scored. It looks like the scores reset sometime today and all the points from yesterday are gone. Faction assault is already a huge headache to coordinate, this is a big bug.


Tagging @TheSurvivor, also affected

You got screenshots, I’d be curious to see, hopefully it’s just a visual glitch other wise that is a major issue

Sure, here are some of the screenshots that a co-lead and I grabbed plus some that faction members shared from support.

  1. With 2:17:40 to go in the assault, we had 21 people on the board.

  2. With 2:04:01 to go, we only have 12 people on the board.

  3. Final result: 20 people on the board.

  4. Last night, Pizza had almost 700k points.

  5. Final result: Pizza had ~230k points.

And here’s how useful support has been…


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Damn that must be infuriating, especially with how irregular assaults are do to the ticket requirements, just feel bad for those who now get no assault tokens despite taking part.
Also glad to see support were doing there best work, ignoring the actual problem to start with , i hope this gets sorted for you

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Well my facs gonna hate me postponing t5 negan because of this now…ty for the heads up

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In the same faction as well. Also before logging out last night my screen said 3 had not attacked at that point. Another teammate reported 9 had not attacked. Logged on in am., Points were set at zero. Only faction mates that hit after reset numbers git points. So basically lost points and I believe our faction wasted all those assault tickets. I’m anxiously awaiting my answer from support…

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I wish we could talk directly to the “dedicated” team instead of having to go through the “undedicated” team first.


It would be a lot simpler, it is an uneeded middle man which elongates the process, especially in this case

Meanwhile, dedicated team processed tickets

I’m such a lightweight when it comes to drinking I’d be passed out drunk by now for sure.

Tagging @Agrajag for visibility.

Lolol… no… thats hilarious

@CombatMan @Agrajag @kalishane still no resolution from support. Was this a one-time bug or is it something that could happen again if we start another? Will the people whose points were taken away be able to get rewards for their contribution to the assault? Can support help the people who are stuck on the boss defeated screen or does this require help from a Dev?