Faction Assault retreat not working



The block that was stopping members joining our small faction was tough for us. We could not get past the tier 2 fourth stage (rated A++ but sure felt like s2). So in order to let the new members in we decided to retreat.

The retreat Did Not work with a majority of coleaders deciding to retreat. It was either hanging up or just not working.


I made a post asking for factions to have the ability to boot inactives while the mission is in progress. The lock can cause trouble for lower level factions I think.

But as for how to get retreat to work - maybe @CombatMan can test, or forward this to the right dev squad.


Message me your faction/realm please


Houston region. Girl Crush. @CombatMan


Hmm. How many of the leaders selected to retreat? I do see a successful retreat from 5 days ago