Faction assault pvp?


How about customizing our fortresses (Woodbury or whatever skin we want to have(read - buy)) and raiding others factions fortresses in something similar to faction assault? What do u think guys, yay or nay? After poll will have significant amount of positive votes I’ll tag Shane or sb else

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  • Nay

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Expect responses as so:


I’ll rush my tank in their office soon if they will continue ignoring us I promise :ghost:
But let’s hear some feedback before even bring em here


If you want to have a positive impact, encourage them to fix the game instead of introducing new features.


Build new fortresses? This isn’t Clash of the Clans or Empire, but that would be cool, but as Lori stated, Scopley needs to focus on fixing their game first. I probably won’t be playing to see it though. Giving them till 2018 New Years to spark my interest again. I can finally focus on my writing and responsibilities when I leave. Hahaha


Post must be blah blah 7 blah go fuck yourself forum


If we faction towns do ever become a thing I’d imagine this is a pretty good way to implement them. But as cool and refreshing as the possibilities could be with a faction base pvp mode, given the choice between new stuff or fixes, I have to say fixes.