Faction Assault new tier needed

Completing it within 1 day. We could use a new tier with improved rewards.

Keep total days the same.
Increase difficulty of first 3 minibosses to Tara level.
Increase Tara by 10%
Increase negan 10% per immunity, 10% hp


Agreed although I only get through all 5 for Connor right now. How many times have you been through it? Think we are just about to finish our 5th.


First 2 bosses I can complete all 5 phases by just throwing it on auto.

Others I have not fought from the stary yet.

Rosters are only going to get deeper and tier 4 becoming more accessible.

Definitely needs a new teir or maybe a buff to teir 5 the bosses are way to easy at this point.

New tier better prize bags. Current ones are trash. We’ll never get Tata at this rate.

Tara will never see the light of day lol

Overwhelmed with the value provided.

I can ascend 1 4s…
Upgrade 1/5 a 5s to tier 4…
Collect 1/5th a 4s weapons…

2x Basils, 2x flak jackets, 800 4* weapon tokens for T5 results. Awesome.