Faction assault needs another tier desperately

We need another tier in faction assault. My team goes through tier 6 in about 8 hours and half my faction wont even get a chance to hit it, so they lose out on the rewards. I’m reduced to try to ask them to only use only one hit with 5* characters on the first day, But alot of member wont do it. Really I cant blame them cause they shouldn’t have to. I’m sure most active factions are experiencing the same problem and I fell like this should be fixed as soon as possible!


Yeah we do 5 star hits. My team is so diverse for war all cant be on at same time. Definitely needs a new tier added

Our fac does one hit one phase. Finish a phase and flee. We dont continue until everyone hits. Now, I’d they don’t hit then we finish. But it usually still finishes quickly and everyone gets something

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Why wasting tickets when there is no event?

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Sitting on over 1.2 mil lol

Your problem can be solved with a better faction strategy but yea faction assault needs an overhaul. It needs a new tier and it needs a new toon. Perhaps a new S Class toon. I believe faction assault was on the list of promises.


Basic Gameplay Updates : We will update basic gameplay to keep older features relevant and exciting. We are looking to make the following improvements:

  • Increase to Roster Cap
  • New Player Levels
  • More permanent collections offering relevant characters (including Gen 2 fighters and S-Class)
  • More frequent Log-in Events
  • Three additional Legacy Ascendables will be released by the end of October, with more to come. The next three will be:
    • “Life and Death” Maggie
    • “Miles Behind Us” Hershel
    • “Road to Survival” Romanov
  • Updates to Survival Road
    Updates to Faction Assault

Why we are waiting and hoping new event

Was supposed to say on lol.

Yeah we definitely need it. But instead of making it ridiculously difficult, I’d like to see more lead up stages to the Negan boss fight added.
Instead of the 4 stages we have now make it 6 stages.

But this won’t allow them to squeeze every dime out of the players so it’s most likely nowhere on their radar :man_shrugging:

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