Faction Assault need new Tiers

I think there should come harder tiers than T5 its riddiculous that you hardly get to participate before its over

Better reward would be great too and a better way to get the items for tara fx put the items in the depot so we have a chance to get her before she is totally crap


That’s your faction leader not telling people to hold back on attacking until the others get in a shot. Do they set a date and a time so everyone knows when it will start? Right now I only have 3 people yet to attack. I sent them all a message so if they don’t its no one’s fault but their own.

Communication from the top down is key.

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I think his point is it’s suppose to be hard and have to work togather with your faction to beat it but even T5 one player can wipe out an entire stage. Something harder that takes more planning and ppl to take down would be nice and it could make Tara more accessible.


That’s why everyone holds back attacks until everyone gets a chance to hit. If you cooperate and communicate you dont need it to be harder.

Play smarter, not harder.

Well im the Leader Lol and i set times but its hard to make all happy because of the timezones and i just think it would be nice with some updates

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But that defeats the purpose it’s ment to be hard and it’s not. Why hold back when I can beat all 5 states of a boss by myself with one team? I have 6 attacks and only ever use one so other ppl get a chance to get points as well. So a harder tier that give better prizes would be great

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More levels and more bosses would be nice for sure. Juggling time zones is a major pain in the ass as well. Once you explain to everyone about holding back attacks it wont be that much of a problem anymore.

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There is no way you are taking a t5 Negan out from start to finish with one attack.

Negan no but all the other you can and negan takes no time 3-5 Can take out negan. You have 3 days to beat the whole thing and it takes about 12h at most and that’s only because of different time zones. I don’t have a problem with T5 and when its coordination with everyone it’s super easy. It would be nice to have something harder with better prizes is all

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Yea… i can finish the first 2 bosses with just 5s, then i have all the 6s available for the other bosses.

And since rewards go to whoever gets the most damage done, people usually do as much as they can for better rewards. Hence sometimes people dont get to participate, cause theyre asleep in Germany or wherever its night when we start.

So add up to T8, and increase rewards to guaranteed Tara pieces, or we wont see her for years


If they eliminated the whole tiered scoring system no one would give a rats ass about getting in max attacks. That’s the actual problem. Because then everyone could get one in and let the op players do the heavy lifting.

But they could add another 20 levels of difficulty. Why the hell not.

No one is getting Tara legitimately for a long ass time. Way to much rng in the way. Because even after you get her you need all thoes stupid flare guns.


First day in forum and i have made A really Nice discuss lol i hope scopely will see this so we can get some improvements


Keep dreaming lol


Welcome to the forums.

Nothing will probably come from most of our suggestions and ideas but sometimes just getting to discuss things with the other players is better than nothing.

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This is why a lot of people have gone to farming different dead faction, You can’t take first a lot cause everyone bitches, you can’t do this or that least farming gave people tokens to be able to actually use them then every 2 weeks 5k it’s ridiculous, we had to say only one hit and dont finish a boss till everyone has had a chance and no one can’t compete to get first for extra points fairly it’s badically whoever gets on first and who’s last gets screwed out of being top 10 for extra points, if it’s a faction thing there should not be a score board.