Faction assault might start today!


@kalishane <3


Patch can be relased, no FA before war for sure.


Well she said “Excited for Faction Assault!” so that means that it will come out in this update


Patch will probably have FA, but I dont believe they will start it before war. Was the same with SR, and Territories. (when territories start first only in few servers)


We can ask @kalishane :slight_smile:


The universe hates me –

So, we’re having stability issues with the build regarding Faction Assualt.

It’s possible we may hold off a week for it – so it’s a good experience, not potentially a bad one, and only run War.

If it magically seems like it’s going to run smooth – we’ll try to push it live before War.

I know it would be frustrating to have both War and Faction Assault start around the same time – no good.

I know this is not happy news, but it is transparent – which is what I have promised!

Thank you everyone for your patience. I’m bummed myself – so excited to try it out with you. We’ll see what happens!


Okay, understandable :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Shane!

Maybe start a post about F.A. and give us updates as it happens.

Having war come out alongside it will make war super confusing.

I’m all for releasing it after war is over next week. No complaints on my end. :slight_smile:


TBH that IS happy news. I don’t want a new update untested by the live build community right before war.


Meh, I preferred Faction Assault over war lol.


Yay can’t wait


I know my faction in dallas region would love it to start either before war or at the sane time


Lol you better hope FA isn’t like War with the long search times and ridiculous match making. Wait a full hour to fight Tank Negan. :joy:


I do too. But I’m not in the mood for a buggy update during what demands me to be most active.


I personally haven’t tested FA, but it shouldn’t be anything like war. You do regular activities to collect tickets, you pick the difficulty of the bosses you want to fight, and you fight it.


If you haven’t tested it, how do you know that it doesn’t have an annoying que? You do have to wait for the leaders to declear it, and there most likely is a que in order to kick or add members to the party. Hehehe


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War and FIRST FA in same time, is terrible idea. But I know, Scopely likes all kind of terrible idea.


Error alert


Because the reward structure gives all members of the faction a prize if they participate, which means it isn’t party based. So there isn’t any queue to add or kick people in participating because they can participate at any given time as long as the assault is still happening. I’m the leader of my faction, so there’s no wait time there.