Faction Assault Levels wrong....?


We’re all getting killed too easy against A+ level toons? Are the weapons and AR working coz S2 teams should mow through these sets…


It’s supposed to take a few days to complete and your characters will die a lot.


That’s all well and good. But change the rating from A+ to S2, and S2 to S4 etc. It should only be as difficult as the rating.

If you can normally plow through an A+ team then it should be rated A+. If you can plow through the S1++ with a walker team, then the same should happen in faction assault. Otherwise, the rating should be changed to suit.

So it stands to reason that there is an issue otherwise


My faction did Tier 2 in an hour, I missed it as Im in NZ and was asleep :confused: We are not even that high a faction, so Im in the other camp, it seemed too quick, cant please everyone lol


No issue. Was meant to be a war of attrition. Imagine the higher S’s if you’re having trouble now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course it’s an issue …it’s advertised that way but isn’t correct. I’m asking here to clarefy this so I can relay the information to faction members who are confused. I’m not even concerned about strongers players or factions. I don’t care that their teams beat legendary SR stages, they earned that right by playing.

I hope this event works out and continues coz the overall repetitive gameplay of RTS is getting boring IMO.


Yep agreed in faction I am in. Yes we all know it’s a more then a 1 person army thing aka not a hack n slash marathon (tho right franchise can be so much FUN!) anyhow, but the team grade definately seems so off the mark its’ like seriously?