Faction assault leaderboard


Just out of curiosity and to have an idea of server activity, could you post a screenshot of the faction assault leaderboard (preferably from last place if you’re no 1 faction)?
Here’s mine. We’re launching a new one tonight so we’ll very soon pass the 10k mark.



Not sure if this is a good indicator of region activity because other factions can get leadership of factions with assualt tickets and run the faction assault. So in most cases a lot of the factions that are on the leaderboard were put there by another factions activity not their own(unless they close the faction after using the tickets which is not always done).


It’s a pretty bad indicator, because it only shows the top 50. xD


Lol I didn’t know that I’ve never bothered to scroll through it. But yes that would make it worthless for checking region activity. :joy: