Faction assault is Live

I now have faction assault in my main region is this the case for everyone?

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Not for me. I think only those with Android have it so far.

Nope, I don’t

Not here for me

SS if possible pretty please

No pictures to prove?.. I don’t mean to say you’re a liar, I just need enough information and proof to pass it to my Factionmates.

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It’s live, but update hasn’t hit iOS or me yet (android user). SS courtesy of a fac mate who is beta

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We’re rolling it out!

Will be live for players in Beta first!


Beta users are the only ones that are getting it…no update for non beta…

this enough proof?


Thanks a lot sir, rockets look better than the old ones

How are you doin’ :wink:

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no update on play store yet, release it already.

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@kalishane when playing in beta, I noticed my tickets disappeared when trying to find an active faction. Do the tickets remain with the faction, or do they just disappear? There is a lot of movement in our region, and this would be important info. Thank you

Tickets stay in the faction you earn them in

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pareil pour moi, l’assaut de faction est open… deja 200 pts fait pour ma faction

Just got my update. I have an android and I’m not Beta. Found it in Play Store. Some faction mates with IOS doesn’t have it yet though.

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i got the update but my client on android is not showing the assault ticket graphic… is showing [PH] lol placeholder…

Yea, it can (technically) take up to 48 hours to show up before we are able to bring it up.

Let’s hope it occurs like it normally does. That would be a nightmare. :,(

@kalishane I got faction mates who have IOS wondering when they will be getting the update. Any news for them?