Faction Assault is actually BAD for Faction Unity

With there being an internal leaderboard people may get pissed, if they get screwed out of hitting freely. And to to the FA efficiently we have to control hits. so some will obviously get few opportunities than others.

please change out the leaderboard for milestones only or even out the leaderboard rewards to not have the bottom half suck so much. internal competition makes for internal friction.


Yea we did tier 5 last night/this morning and had a couple members upset that they didnt have the opportunity to score much.

Yup. Stupid system. Rewards should be based on faction ticket contribution. Encourage players to grind more.


Q: Are you going to change the points system? I think everyone in the faction should get the same amount of points.
A: Faction Members will be rewarded proportional to their participation in each Faction Assault. We want faction members who contributed the most to walk away from the event feeling they were rewarded appropriately for their hard work. We wouldn’t want the faction members who contributed 1 damage only to receive the same rewards as the ones have been working hard to defeat the boss.

its what they want, not what we want. We as a faction want it to be equal.


We just finished tier 5 again. We give everyone a heads up on the start time. It seems to be working.

we haven’t had this issue yet. maybe most of us just enjoy that our faction succeeds are aren’t obsessed with internal leaderboards. have heard no complaints so far. I do understand where you all are coming from though but geez it’s your own faction. be happy your friends got more markers then you and more rewards. it’s really ok


Most were perfectly fine with it, but sometimes there’s a turd in the punch bowl lol


I don’t think we want it to be equal, those who contribute more should be rewarded, but not at the expense of others.

Having milestones would be a good way to do it because if everyone scored roughly the same for points, we’d get similar prizes. If the difference between 1st and 15th is only say a few hundred points, the current system really punishes those who are behind, and that’s when the in-fighting can start.

:blush: We have many people from different timezones in my faction, and while we really don’t care about the points scale, it is a downside to always be stuck with the phase 5 Negan. So what we have done is coordinate time zone attacks so we all have a chance to try easier phases and and smaller bosses. We really really enjoy faction assualt because we get to work together to defeat a boss and there is no other faction to complain us beating them lmao. Faction Assualt is one of my favorite things :grinning:


Totally agree. There should be a separate reward system for the highest ticket earners. It’s not fair at all that someone new to the faction can get more rewards than a person who has grinded hard to get there. Or if miss the beginning due to sleep, work etc, you lose out of the disproportionate large amount of damage done on the easy stages and end up placing lower.

I’m the highest ticket earner in my faction and due to the fact that I wasn’t awake when the last faction assault started, I didn’t get to start playing until the very last boss, only getting 2k-10k dmg on each hit and ending ranking in the bottom 10 when I was the top earner. It honestly left a very bad taste in my mouth.


sounds like y’all have some pussies in your factions.


I really like the faction assault in most aspects…but the way it is set up for rewards sucks hardcore no doubt


Yeah, we had a bunch of this, I just told them, It’s about the hardest hitter, we set a time, hit it and if hes not dead, go again the next day. Lol

We just competed t5 in 16 hours. Dunno if that’s a good time compared to others. We are varying start times to allow for different time zones and are taking turns hitting and not wasting goes by all hitting at once (we don’t think that hits landing at the same time all stack or count?). Sounds overly organised but seems to be working, no internal drama with me and mine over this.

If someone does all 5 of their hits right at the beginning they can easily score millions.

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100% agree that rewards should follow ticket contribution - and not overall contribution - ticket contribution between the end of FA and the launch of a new FA is what it should be.

@kalishane - this is important please


I echo the same. The contribution to ticket pool should have a higher weightage in allocating rewards than damages dealt.
Current system is really skewed in favor of people who are able to hit in the first half hour.


Out of curiosity how many assault tickets do you have?

I ll answer ur question despite the fact its out of knowing the intention rather than out of curiosity.

I am amongst the top ticket gatherer however I can finish the first 3 bosses by myself in 1 attack if I intended too which I don’t do to better share the wealth.

Above suggestion is to reflect a better reward vs effort which will solve many issues for leaders of factions specially when it comes to keeping 30 happy not to mention that the whole thing aint worth it!


This is what we are doing now as well. :grinning:

I agree with your suggestion that rewards should be based on ticket contribution rather than damage done, or at least some form of reward must be given to those who collect more. I asked because there are many who say they’re active, but how much means active? 20k? 25k? 30k? 35k 40k Tickets?

I have over 30k… Don’t know how it compares to people outside my faction