Faction Assault -Harder!

We the players of this game demand a harder level in FA - we can beat the level 5 in 2 days. What say you?

Of course up the prize.


if in fact it is quite easy, that’s why the not so good prizes

No pain, no gain

Only use 3 stars. There you go. Much harder now. :wink:


Just out of curiosity how many prestige 13 players are in your faction?

Damn must be some lucky pulls. My fac started tier 5 yesterday and were not even done with Tara

Melee boon for us, last a checked we had her at half

Didn’t do anything for john( was asleep when we started and by the time we wake up it was Connor, so I had my barker to lead with zeke behind to avoid her damage

Yeah that’s my problem, I don’t have any good damage chars, best yellow is Dwight for damage

Perhaps they could just add a tier 6. Better chance at the 5 star items, more tokens, harder enemies, lower time limit.

We need Negan T8

Best yellow buffer I got is yellow Joshua

Yep. Needs to be harder. Our faction has beaten in within 3 hours (waiting for all members to log on and score).

I did hear that they were working on a harder faction assault and will be releasing it later this year.

Did 250k dmg to t5 negan with yellow 5*s decked out with abs def, and darlene. Amazing what some shields and abs can do.

I vote for T6 faction assault

I have to stop my faction from finishing it within the hour…so 15 other people can get their hits in.

We all hoped it would provide a challenge but it’s become way to easy most can auto it at this point.

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That IS the challenge! Getting everyone to hit before he’s dead lol


Yes, lets make FA harder so players can continue to fight for horrible rewards, regardless of their rank level. Your idea sounds awesome and should be taken in consideration.

or scrap FA altogether