Faction Assault flawed Rewards


First off I want to say my entire faction is enjoying FA. It’s been a lot of fun. Thank you for the addition

That being said I believe the reward system is flawed. Everyone should receive the same reward for completing the event like every other faction tour. War/Level/Raid/SR. There is no skill required getting the top points only a matter of luck and or sniping. If you get stuck using your energies on Negans Tank you’re screwed and lucky to walk out with 30k while the next guy can come in an fight Negan and get 200k with ease.

The faction mates who are on when it starts and can breeze through the first 3-4 levels with one hit on e a piece are the ones coming in top 6 each time. This doesn’t seem fair.
If anything add bonus to each level to the person who gets the most points for each level, but the over all reward should be the same for the entire faction…


Agree. I think the rewards should tier relative to total number of attacks needed to complete a given stage. Really put teamwork amd communication at the forefront of the event.

Right now it’s all about maximizing individual effort while making sure the faction completes the map which is the opposite of what it was expected.


If I could like this 1,000 times I would. I couldn’t agree more.

Also make the earnings (or even tara herself) available from the depot not luck of the draw.


For me faac assault is just bugged.

Not a horrible feature.
I’d hope to see new bosses for special events added in :slight_smile:
maybe an s4 tier could be hot.