Faction assault ,Fix it please :(



After a couple of times that my faction run through this feature we feel something wrong about the reward structure … Faction Assault should be the event that help faction get stronger by making people more unity helping each other through the hard challenge not the event that make people getting more frustrated and tear us apart like this, :disappointed_relieved:

  1. The prizes should be the same for everyone like the other faction events

2.The individual rank of prizes should be replace by something-else. for example faction will get the first prize if we finished all the specific objectives like finished all the boss less than 50% of time , use Ar 10000 times , or anything that make all the members have to helping each other to complete it…(idk u can helping more )
so if they hit all the objective they will get the 1st prize …something like this will make us co-operate more each time and come back with a better plan to defeat that Negan

  1. please increase the amount of ticket to get or reduce the cost of ticket when use

@kalishane pls bring this to team :relaxed:


Definitely change it so we fight together.


Agree with this 100%. Assault claims to be a “faction” event but is in actual fact an inter faction competition.

This does nothing for making people want to work together and for faction unity.

The game mode needs further balancing in terms of reward structure and making it work for factions rather than against them

Just another poorly designed, poorly implemented feature that no one asked for which will no doubt never be changed and left half complete forever more

At some point feature creep needs to stop. Good features drive engagement. Half arsed ones just get ignored and frustrate us as time is spent there that could be spent fixing real bugs and issues


even setting a start time can be downright hard. If you have a good spread of members around the globe setting a start time always lets a few people down. so when they do come online the faction will be halfway Negan and they are left to scrape the bottom and work on the tank parts. The work people put in to get the tank defenses down are not reflected in their scores and therefore not in the rewards.

the ranking is a good incentive to get people to put their work in but the way it is now it puts unnecessary stress on the faction. I would suggest bringing the rewards closer together (leaving the top like it is!) and up the rewards given for the lower ranks.


You get points for wrecking the tank parts. But you’ll die a few Rounds in because of them. Best is to take the 4 bad guys down and let the Peasants fight Negan. Your 2mil points will keep you top.-.-


Your wasting your time… she has gone silent on the subject after saying an update was coming out.

Really sad this is allowed…


There was a follow up regarding this, but it was to reduce ticket prices for tier 1-3 not any eaningful change


This is the biggest problem. You spend time and resources adding a new game mode to only have it able to be played 2-3 times a month. Why? Because you want to limit the amount of gear we can get? Your own data said the lower ranked factions aren’t running it so that’s why you have done 2 sales on tickets so far. That alone should tell you that you need to reduce the cost to run each tier. At a bare minimum, we should be able to run a t5 every single week. You have players resorting to taking over dead factions to steal their free tickets to get more gear. This alone should prove just how broken fa is at the moment.


She responded to my post about the awful scoring system saying there would be an update. I kept tagging her with regards to the update and of course nothing.


Yeah even a 10% reduction would have been better than nothing. Makes it obvious they didn’t want to do these because they know this is what the top teams will run and it’s another way to keep us gear starved.


I think they don’t need to eliminate the competition aspect so much as they need to rethink the scoring system. We all know it’s completely broken at the moment and it also does not factor in the number of tickets earned for the faction. I feel that the more a faction member does for the team the bigger the reward for them should be and I think this should play out in every activity not just faction assault. For example, in a fac raid if someone puts up 2000 points why shouldn’t they get a larger slice of the team reward than someone who puts up 100 points?

What do you think of something like this being added to the game?


This doesn’t work in top factions. Literally we can finish it within an hour. We’re currently in the middle of one and at negan. We have to stop because 16 faction mates haven’t even hit yet… oh and the 14 only used one hit each. This is the dumbest system possible.


So can we. We set the start time and the date. If you don’t get an attack in then it’s your fault. Takes less than five minutes to get on the board. The scoring is broken. If you do a zombie stage you are going to outscore anyone who doesn’t. If you gathered the most tickets why shouldn’t you get a bigger reward than someone who barely earned for the team? If you queue up more for war why shouldn’t you receive more than someone who does one match and goes awol?


So why don’t I get better prizes for my 800k points in war than the person who scored 100k?


You should. That’s the point. You don’t because Scopely.

A bigger effort should equil better rewards.


A bigger effort is not needed in faction assault. The only one that actually doesn’t require effort (being on at the right time) is the only one they reward “effort”. Typical.


You are missing the point and only focusing on the start time. My point which you are not even acknowledging is that the gathering of tickets should be factored into the final score. This would ensure that any person contributing to the team is not ever gonna walk away empty. If you miss the assault you will still be getting some of the rewards. Understand now?

And in the real world the harder you work generally the more you are rewarded. Being lazy and doing nothing usually does not earn you a reward so why should it in a game. Some people always give their time while others do the bare minimum yet both get the same faction reward. I will help every member of my team to the best of my ability but I am not gonna carry dead weight and be happy that we earn the same reward. I cannot be the only one who feels this way.


Every faction has people that work harder than others for various reasons. Maybe one farms more but one wars more. You sound like a horrible team player. Would hate to be in your faction. If people are truely slacking that much then you should remove them.

Anddddd the whole point is that the current system is broken. They state that it rewards those who work harder when it clearly doesn’t.


Right. Are you reading the same posts as the rest of us?

Where does it say this? Proof. It rewards the person who scores the most points.

You keep contradicting yourself. I keep saying the more someone puts into the team the more they should be rewarded. Then you keep disagreeing with me but then you said the above in your quote. So which is it. Reward the effort or everyone gets the same reward regardless of the effort? Make up your mind.

Same here buddy. I work my butt off for my guys and gals. Excuse me for wanting the ones who work the hardest to get a better reward. And learn to have a conversation without resorting to petty name calling.


I just want that bottom row filled.