Faction Assault Firsts!


Hello everyone!

We wanted to celebrate a few of our firsts for the new feature: Faction Assault!


IMMORTALS (Lithonia)

First Faction to Summon Negan


First Faction to Beat Negan



First Faction to Summon Negan


First Faction to Beat Negan



First Faction to Summon Negan


First Faction to Beat Negan



First Faction to Summon Negan

Congrats to these teams and to everyone brave enought to take on Negan in a fucking tank!

You’re a hero.


Gz to em all!

Quick question, how did one faction, if its the same, gather enough tickets to do both a t3 and a t4 run since the release? Cap is 40500 tickets per day pluss the gift of 165k


Because some factions seems to get some kind of ticket returned when they beat the stage. Why and how is the question we have been asking @kalishane


I haven’t heard of this yet! Have you contacted support?


I’m not privy to the estimates we were expecting. But, I’ll check with data to make sure it’s legit!


I suggest you read the faction assault feedback thread.


Seems fairly odd if one faction did tier 3 and tier 4 as FA was released on weds. And a daily cap is 40500 if you dont switch out your members. The gift was 165 000 tickets. So max should be around 246 000 tickets for a faction, while it takes a total of 430 000 tickets to start both?


Just throwing it out there, where does it say that those two are the same faction?

Surely, as a key group from the comics, there is more than one “The Whisperers”?


We got him:)


Let us know how T5 is;) i sure hope @kalishane can get to the bottom of this


Problem is that some dont get tickets back it seems:)


@kalishane could we get an update on this? Why do some get their tickets back after killing Negan, while others dont?


We killed Negan at T2. Got no tickets back. Whilst some in the region managed to do T1 and T2 in just a day in between.

Yes @kalishane please give us some info why some are getting tickets back once defeating Negan and some aren’t. Maybe it’s another case of dedicated and undedicated players?
This is an all time low for a game that has been so competitive in the past. To call this game competetive now is a joke.


We may just finish the whole t5 in less than 24 hours…where lol


Have the leader skills been fixed as both factions I am doing t5 todAy in are getting him to last phase easily without even maximizing hits…with ppl still at 0. it’s definitley better than previous runs and rosters haven’t really improved?


Not fixed yet. Next update (9.1) will have the fix apparently. That update isn’t even in beta yet, so we’ll be waiting a while.