:leader: Faction Assault [Feedback Thread]


Hello everyone!

Faction Assault is out in the wild!

Please post all feedback as you go in this thread.

Thank you!



Don’t you think the amount needed to start some Assault matches are a bit too high?



Looks alright.

But accumulating Tickets seems pretty difficult.

Seems alright but yeah…
Why not release territories that Grant Hourly some tickets or some bonuses to tickets.

Why not release more territories since they are just Blocked and Idle…



How are the tiers labeled “recommended” determined?


Il n’y a pas de ticket sur la route de survie quotidienne


Tier 2 is much harder than I thought it would be


Was wondering, if we choose the highest and hardest… can everyone still participate or only people with an S3 team? So far I am excited for it though. Something new brings excitement. We will see how long it lasts


Not a big fan of the four attack maximum in a 24 hour. I thought it was cool and limiting enough to use each tune only once. Was surprised when time came to hit negan and I had used all the attacks but still had my best team available.

I did like it at first blush look forward to doing it more often. I hope alternate ways to earn markers and tickets are implemented


Question: How is a team verses a boss in a Tank realistic? Like come on… In reality, nobody would be able to take down the Tanker. Nonetheless, this looks like a fun event. :joy:


Logic isnt the strongest in a mobile game:) ppl with bats and sticks kills ppl with machine guns in a fight etc;)


Why only SR tourney gives tickets ? Make then drop from daily survival road stages too


At the moment you can only get a ranged toon that is legendary. Would be sweet for those that run melee to have the option to choose melee over ranged.

Hope you can consider this.


Taking a look at the rates, which aren’t THAT low but low none-the-less, it will take a little bit for factions to naturally gather up the tickets. At the projected pace it’s arguable that the yield just doesn’t match. A lump sum of tickets as additional prizes in future tournaments might alleviate this, emphasis on additional prizes, not asking for tickets to take up one of the three slots on prize brackets. Waaaay to many currencies and gear in this game to still be giving out 3 items per bracket.


I’m afraid that my enthusiasm for this lasted about three minutes. I destroyed the mine plow, had my team wiped out, sent in another team and the mine plow was back at full strength. Is this feature explained in full anywhere because right now I’m about to give up on it?


Another pile of craps, no different than it was in Beta, so the question is, what was our feedback for and why did we have to test it when u had no plans of changing anything? Everyone is excited now like I was when it came to beta but they will see soon enough if not already what a boring, difficult unrealistic event it is.


My quick suggestions for the future:

  • Assault tickets as faction raid/ level up prizes.
  • Seasonal additions to the depot
  • Expansion boss/mini boss library
  • Increase in daily total limits to encourage faction activity
  • Future Assault tournaments (region based, similar to Call To Arms)

Will add more later!


Early thoughts, faction is running Tier 2 assault

Difficulty rankings are off. A++ walkers on here took out 2 teams. On roadmaps A++ walkers don’t even reach my team.

The number of attacks allowed is too low and the 24-hour wait is too long. Maybe increase the number of levels and stages and have attack energy refresh after some time like world, raid, war and survival road energy.

The depot looks good with a variety of choices.


The amount of tickets is to high. We get 40k tickets a day. So 5-6 days in between plays. There also doesn’t seem to be any consideration for different time zones.

We had a colead clicking around and accidentally started the lowest one. No log to figure this out.

We rushed through the play. Seemed fine. But night players were left out. Maybe if we played a higher level than we would not have beat it that quickly.

I’d like to know what the thinking process is between different time zones.


Help! Can you please remove faction lock during faction assault. I left my faction to craft and now can’t get back in. If not fixed or changed I will not be able to war this weekend.