Faction Assault Farming

@kalishane I have seen and heard about top factions jumping into lower factions to farm Assault prizes. Is this something you all are aware of?


Might want to give some proof of this because without proof of pictures, your claim is just a rumor. It’s all about facts; facts beyond doubt.

You can’t join while as assault is active. They could join before it started and leave after its over, then again so could anyone.

I can provide pics of the #2 faction down to 10 people and top players in lower factions but that honestly doesn’t mean or prove anything. I’m not debating whether or not it’s happening… I’m just letting them know it is. :blush:

I think it will only be a problem because of the two large gifts that given out. After those are spent, it will be hard for low lvl facs to come up with tickets. It could still happen though.

Correct… they are jumping in lower factions and participating in the Faction Assault. Alot of these factions might need a few more tickets, that is nothing for 8 or 9 top players. They jump in… get the top prizes and then hop to a new faction. Not having to start at 0 tickets or wait for the cooldown. Smart… I don’t really think there is anything they can do about it, just wanted to let them know it was happening. :blush:

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Yeah that’s alot of Benedicts some are getting.

How do you get Benedict from FA?

Ah, I thought you mean he was a for-sure reward. Ty for the info.

:blush: any time

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Benedict is also in the FA SD potentially. Top right seems to be the trainer slot.

I don’t see a problem. The lower factions don’t have to let them in. Good for them.

Another possible upside to this might be clearing away dead factions in a region. Say faction x members join faction a to use up the assault markers, then they all leave faction a when done, faction gets deleted. This can only work on factions with 0 activity for a couple months, so win-win

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It’s been fixed. Farming is impossible now

Thats untrue its still happening.


Just got confirmation from support that assault farming is infact not cheating it is allowed.

Soon… soon customer service will be better…

Whole new team tomorrow. Soon.


Are you drinking

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Don’t tease me like that