Faction Assault Farming Problem


This is a huge problem. Factions are branching off after events to create new factions in order to farm the hell out of FA, giving them an unfair advantage. They’re gaming the system. This needs to be stopped. It’s outrageous.


I don’t think that makes sense. Do you mean after there is no faction events that people join dead factions and start any gifted faction assault tickets?


No. They create factions solely for the purpose of gaining markers. Trust me: it’s working well for them, because they’re loaded with t4s. It’s a huge issue.


Why doesn’t your faction go do it to? You guys don’t want more chances at Tara or more t4 gear?? Our region was dead before six stars so we don’t have many factions that got those free tickets. Unlucky for us. Just take advantage of it as well.


@kalishane I thought this was being addressed.


Factions created don’t get new tickets… they have to earn them. Only previous active factions got the gifts of 335k tickets.


You’re missing the point. They created them months ago. Dude, trust me it’s happening. This isn’t an empty complaint.


I find it a bit hard to believe that people are actually creating a WHOLE NEW FACTION in order to farm tickets to do faction assault. I assume you do not join in on the farming as these people do not create any factions to do faction assault but rather join dead factions, take leadership, have inactives kicked, invite other players to come and do teir 5 faction assault giving that the tickets are there for it. People may farm up a bit more points to do t3 after done t5 but that’s about it. But am fairly certain that people are not going around and starting completely from scratch from create faction and farm from 0 tickets to enough for t5.


No. I’m just bringing this to the attention of @kalishane.


I’m not quite understanding you. Are you saying that people created factions months ago and collected the gifted tickets, and now people are joining those factions to do FA?


Right it sounds like that it is rightfully there’s anyway if they already created these factions months ago and just so happens to reap the benefits of it lol


How could they foresee that scopely would be gifting factions all these tickets… they are joining dead factions. When you join a dead faction, you become leader of that faction after a day.

If hey created these factions, the faction would dissolve once they went back into their current faction. There’s no way for anyone to have done this. They are simply farming old factions who have quit that were active a few months ago. You can do it too. Go join one of these factions that hasn’t had a member active in over two weeks and you become the leader.


That’s what I’m not getting. In OP’s first post it sounds like something is currently being gamed to get more tickets, but then later OP made it sound like people are just taking advantage of some amazing luck (for some reason creating a faction months ago and then gifted tickets and is now only using), or joining dead factions which OP says is not what he’s talking about.


Joining factions they have specifically for farming FA makers.

I messaged @kalishane as she understands what this is. No worries.


This is an old topic, been happening for a while. I have no problem with it. I believe it’s been stated that it is not cheating at all.


People aren’t creating new factions s for FA. They are joining the dead factions have not used their tickets. Once they become leader and kick the in actives they are inviting their factions to the FA. I don’t see the problem with it. It’s smart cause those tickets are just a waste if no one is using them.


Yea I think your either confused or not explaining it well. There’s no doubt they are doing it, just not in the manner that you explained.



The tickets are out there for anyone to find and use. Just because people are too lazy to do it does not make it unfair. And yes, the fallow factions are still out there. I’ll even give everyone a primer though most are probably too stubborn to pick even the low hanging fruit.

First you need a faction member who has a second device so they can start a second (junior) account, we have 4 such players. They must then play the account to level 13 to see faction assaults, takes a few hours. Then start jumping around factions.

In each faction visited first check for tickets. Some have 165k but the best have the 330k. When you have found tickets you need to check sctivity. Go to faction members and sort by “Last On” and see if anyone has been active in the last 3 weeks. If they have been active then move on & check another faction. If no one has been active then transfer is possible but not garuanteed. Now you wait up to 48 hours. If the current leader is NOT active in another region the leadership will transfer to your active account.

At this point you set the faction to private and remove the inactives. At your leisure have your faction move over and send the junior account to hold down the home faction.

We do a T5 then stay long enough to earn the 160k needed for a second T5, the assault markers from T1 or T2 just aren’t worth the payout and never last long enough for everyone to get a hit in. You do have to maneuver around faction events and accept you might have to do one in the found faction. Best is faction SR as it gets us to that second T5 quicker than anything else.

The negatives: you lose your accumulated war points record (but we maintain records outside the game), you have to have trustworthy faction members to accept lead and then hand it back (sticking point for some of the Napoleonic faction leaders I’ve seen in game) and you have to have a good communication system set up so everyone is on the same page.

The positives: prior to the current collection this was the best source of specific legendary T4 gear not at the mercy of RNGesus and it gives another activity to break up the monotony of constant level ups.

You can get good return on a little ingenuity & effort.

And I got this guy for grins n giggles.


Such a salty post. Just do whatever you are complaining about too. PROBLEM SOLVED