Faction Assault FAQ


What is Faction Assault?

Faction Assault is a cooperative faction event that places your faction into a gauntlet of lieutenant fights leading to a Boss. These formidable bosses can wreak havoc on your best teams! Faction leaders select the Faction Assault difficulty tier for their faction to participate in. Defeat the final phase of the Boss to earn spectacular rewards that can include Faction Assault exclusive characters!

Who can join the Faction Assault?

Any player who is level 13 or higher and is in a faction is able to participate in Faction Assault.
Similarly to All Out War, your faction’s leaders decide when your faction goes into a Faction Assault.
Once initiated your faction has a set amount of time to take down each boss and everyone can work together to achieve this goal.

Which of my characters can fight in Faction Assault?

All characters can participate in Faction Assault. Each character can only be used once, then they will be locked until the unlock timer resets.

What Are Assault Tickets?

Assault Tickets are the currency used to access Faction Assault. These tickets are earned by everyone in your faction and are pooled together to unlock Faction Assaults for your entire faction to complete.

Players can earn a various number of Assault Tickets per day. Tickets are earned by playing other parts of the game. Whenever you use World, Raid or War energy, you earn Assault Tickets!

Tickets can also be awarded through rewards of limited time events and mystery bags.

How does my faction redeem Assault Tickets?

Assault Tickets are redeemed by Faction Leaders/Co-Leaders when they select a Boss and a Tier. More difficult tiers require more Assault Tickets but yield better rewards.

How do I know how many Assault Tickets I’ve contributed to my faction?

All faction members can check the Daily Contribution log to see how many tickets they’ve earned for their faction that day.

All faction members can also check the Lifetime Contribution Log to see how many tickets they’ve earned for their faction overall.

What is a Boss?

Fights within Faction Assault are broken down into two categories: Bosses and Lieutenants. Bosses are the final battle within any Faction Assault and have multiple phases, each stronger and more complex than the previous. The total number of phases varies depending on difficulty tier.

What are Lieutenants?

Lieutenants lead up to the Boss. They have specific skills and resistances. These resistances mean they can be immune or strong against certain status effects.

Lieutenants are broken into multiple phases. Each phase can have a different strength and weakness. Once one phase has been defeated the Lieutenant comes back stronger than the previous time. You can check out the dossier to see the bosses new skills and stats.

Can my faction retreat from a boss?

Yes, it is possible for your Faction to retreat from a boss. To do this, the majority of faction leaders & co-leaders must vote to leave the Assault.


Rewards delivered to inbox after results are calculated.
Please allow up to up to 24 hours to receive your rewards.

Players ranked within faction

For ranking well within your faction, you will receive Assault Markers. These markers can be used in the Supply Depot for special rewards. These rewards include Faction Assault exclusive rewards, such as exclusive characters.

In additional to Assault Markers, each faction member will also receive a Boss Bag that will contain Faction Assault exclusive rewards.

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