Faction Assault (Experienced info needed)


The way Assault was explained I was expecting to have to have a huge roster to continually attack and wear down and beat boss’s.

But I’ve been hearing that you get 4 attacks a day with 4 separate teams…
And then your characters refreshes as does you attacks.

So your using 24 toons a day that get refreshed each day.

What was the talk about huge roster and having 4s to help…
From what I’ve seen…it isn’t the case at all…
(I liked the idea of using 4
, 5*s etc…)

Could someone maybe explain.
I looked in faq…but no answers.


Well it’s kinda like SR. There are trait and persona restrictions on some levels. So maybe you will use 4s on some walker levels.

But yep. 4 attack’s a day with a separate team each time means you only use 20 toons a day. So you don’t really need a lot of toons. But a diverse roster will help.