Faction Assault event?

I assumed it would be on for a few weeks but the calendar says days.
Can anyone clarify for me?

Also how you doing in yours?
You steaming through in one day or making sure everyone gets hits and doing in one and a half?

Yup it’s days unless you planed to somehow save fa tickets you won’t get much

Event last about 18 or 19 days… Do the math to convert it to weeks :smirk:

I know the mussuem collection lasts 18 days,

But on calendar JB posted it says just 2 days.

There is literally a stickied post that tells you how long the FA event is happening:

We’re really excited to give players greater access to Faction Assault during this holiday event, which ends Sunday, January 6.


You can lead a horse to water, but my god making it drink appears tough…

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