Faction Assault Event ever?

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Will be more FAE like the ones in Christmas? (In this year?)

Not looking for an exact day, week or month, just want to know if there is going to be another FAE ever…


I haven’t heard anything other than the vague info that the event was well-received and they’re looking into doing another in the future.


That was a pretty sweet event, would love to see another. But maybe with a bit of notice so we can gather more tickets up lol

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I honestly wonder more what happend to planned Governour Assault :thinking:

Thats why they only give a week notice. Even before that the fac i was in already had more tickets than could.be used before cooldown. Faction assault event would be awesome its become stale as its more about getting everyone to get a hit and by then its about done. With the event we were able to do alot more and got a couple good hits in. Its a fun feature but needs a new tier, a change in the reward bags, and some new bosses.

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On this I think tickets for the day should have no limit

You promised us that you would launch a FA event on a separate region on February 15th. Where is it?

It was a heads up that a new event was coming, not a promise. New event, not FA. And weeks ago we were told it was being rescheduled.


Okay, I forgot then.

would love tier 7 assault and better overall bags

The bags are just sad. Assault markers are the best thing about it. Getting utter garbage 99% of the time from those bags is another thing that needs updated. Fa ass been live long enough to sell flare guns in the depot. Thats really the best thing in the bags besides getting a few bennys.

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