Faction Assault Difficulty Opinions

We haven’t participated in the event yet collecting tickets for a tier 4 (recomennded for us) or 5 but seen some factions have done previous ones. Can you share how many attacks you have done, how long did it took to you to beat, highest tier you have beaten? Also wondering how hard is tier 5 any faction beaten it yet?

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We are a number 2-3 faction and were recommended tier 4 too. We tried tier 2. It was really easy. We beat it in about an hour.

The only difficulty that I’ve faced is that game crushes every time we try to attack

Does it happen to everyone in your faction? Is there any Ios/android difference or both? It should be addressed asap considering how hard to gather enough tickets and some levels are time sensitive also.

Both platforms. We’ve been able to finish 3 stages with me commanding who to go finish the waves(if more than two was joining it was crushing for all of them) and now everyone is stuck on 4th stage, whatever we do. Single person or a group, game is crushing for everyone who’s trying to start it. Support said that they are aware of the issue, so we’ll just wait

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Which tier you playing hope it is not a timed one otherwise your tickets might be wasted.

We forecasted some bugs may be in there, so we went for tier 2 which have no time limitations, though we had 200k for tier 3 :slight_smile:

Good call :joy:

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We’re going T5. Go big or go home and all that.

I’ll come back and confirm how badly it went after the weekend


we might try T5 aswell considering we ll have war this weekend and we might have enough tickets to go for it.


Any YouTube videos of the final product post beta so far? I’ve got my faction saving up as well but anyone who is in here have a decent link to the main regions faction assault?


Yesterday we started Tier 4 which is recommended for us to see what kind of event we can expect and beaten negan to phase 4 now he is at 39%hp, we ll clear him tonight probably.

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Yeah my faction started T4 at about 3am US time and a small handful breezed through the early stages leaving the bulk of us to make little grazes on the boss Negan.

Feels like it needs to value boss damage a little more than early stage damage but was overall pretty simple. Shame we chickened out of T5…


yeah same here, we evaluated Tier5 might be too hard and did not want to risk the tickets and use t4 as a learning curve since there is no info for t5 around.

I agree that earlier stages are so easy that whoever deals more damage to them is on the top of the leaderboard where we left better players for the rest of the fight they suffer the penalty in leaderboard.

Yeah, we used T4 as a “learning curve”

I think we learnt not to start the assualt at anti-social times and that T4 is pretty easy.

yea some people even miss the event :smiley:

we started 7 PM local time to maximize people attending the event.

checking back in just to inform how many attacks we made to beat negan on t4 and t5. We acted as noobs on t4 but did much better and communicated a lot on t5 and the result is:

We are doing second t5, not everyone has even put in 2 hits yet and we are at last stage of negan boss…quick this time through