Faction Assault: Crash caused Faction Retreat

One of my co-leads started a faction assault. Everything was going fine until she went to attack Tara. When clicking Tara, she got a message saying that the faction is retreating. Her game froze and restarted. No option was given to cancel the retreat.

We lost our faction assault tickets… and support hasn’t helped us.

Be VERY VERY careful about not hitting the retreat button

Whyd you blur out what tour faction is saying there?

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They said “We are gonna destroy Final-Boss’ faction”

Then they’re awfully optimistic lol

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You weren’t even close to tara after 8 minutes in. I guess someone just pressed the tempting button.

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Sorry got some of the details wrong. I never got to participate, it was over before I got to attack. As a leader I didn’t get any option to cancel the retreat…

I’ve always wondered if one person can hit retreat and cause it to go in effect. It should need at least 2 co leaders approval(like in war)to retreat I’d hope. As someone that has fallen asleep while playing the game and hit stuff I didn’t mean to before this seems like a accident waiting to happen if only 1 is needed.


You can retreat. Lol wtf. Why does that exist. Not like anyone is sitting on a wealth of tickets

Yeah, this thread is just a warning to others. Be VERY VERY careful about not hitting the retreat button. It really seems to me that there is a major bug If your game crashes or restarts while hitting the retreat button by mistake.