Faction Assault Completion Ticket Reward

Is it a myth that you get more tickets when you finish an assault or you only get those tickets if you are 1st to beat that level ln your region?

Heard/Read some factions got extra tickets somehow and we finished tier 4 and no other faction finished it yet in our region beside us. Yet we did not get any tickets or anything.

@kalishane can you clarify this issue os is it another random dedicated player rewarding?

can anyone confirm that they recieved extra tickets after completing the assault?

We got around 130,000 tickets back the first time we completed t one. Completed T2 and received nothing

This has been confirmed by alot of players in the FA feedback thread. So it clearly happens to alot of faction. But no answer in my attempts to get a reply from kalishane

yea i was checking that thread and saw comments regarding that but did not want those posts lost in the huge thread and felt that it was necessary to start a new one to get proper attention and a reply but no luck yet so far. Any update is welcome @kalishane

Good luck getting any responses from Scopely on this one. It feels as if they are ignoring this as they do with alot of other feedback or questions.

Looking into it for you!

Update: Confirmed. We didn’t give out any first completion reward tickets or anything similar to that.

Beat the hardest boss, got the worst possible reward from the bag. Now wait another 6 days for 5 minutes of gameplay and anotther “reward” that doesn’t help my team progress or improve in any way.


The scopely way.

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But it’s absolutely true several factions received ~~130k after completing their first assault. Mine was one of them. People are asking why

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Could you PM me your Username/ Faction?

We can take a look!

We finished our first run, tier 3 last night, and received no portion of tickets back.

In another month we’ll be able to run one again. As with everything designed in this game, too much stick and the half carrot is moldy.

Sent to your inbox.

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We’re not seeing anything showing this on an account.

If anyone has screenshots or if there’s anyone else experiencing this, please reach out to me via PM and we’ll investigate!

so any result of that investigation?

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