Faction Assault christmas event

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Can you guys tell us if there will be FA event like in past year in december?


6days ago, hope its still actual

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If they do, it’ll probably cost new special holiday tickets to run that you have to pay for instead of being able to use our current faction assault tickets. Times are tough at HQ


Sounds like a great money grab those pathetic thieves will try.
Wouldn’t put it past them.

@RamirezInf - Yes as @DrJank said We are currently working on Faction Assault and you should be able to see it back by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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Broken promise

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Hey, they are still looking for bug that will work.
We don’t want events without bugs


Is this a definite?

This has been pushed back once or twice already

Nice, thanks for reply GR :+1: Id like to see this before christmas but better later than never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, it’s not - “you should be able to see it back” is hedging it already. No idea what the holdup is, but I assume they’ll rearrange the game mode, like they did with SR - Maybe finally add the governor, or do something else to bring it in line with where the game is. Stuff that requires new development is not like carl to the museum, is rarely certain. They can’t release it if it doesn’t work.

[ETA] Slight self-correction, before someone else points it out: of course they can release it if it’s broken, but I hope they wouldn’t do it if they know it’s broken.

Lol u mean like 99% of the shot they push out that doesnt work

Spotted that myself, hit the save edit button just as you were posting.

Yes, for the time being and with the information I have.

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See? GR responds to worthwhile posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have to be kidding, I don’t see the word promise anywhere

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Plenty of references on here stating end of November bud, no I can’t be bothered to look again🤗

Promises for the future updates in the next 30-60 days Dated 26th July 2019

Early next year like in March right?