Faction Assault Can Be Fun

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Hey everyone,

So me and my faction mates started faction hunting to farm faction assault through dead factions that has 245000 tickets laying around and guess what? The experience was literally fun when all of a sudden the dimension of not worrying where each ended up in ranking was removed and not worrying about what time to start it or worrying about finishing before everyone hits…etc…! In addition to the fact that we are doing several factions daily and it boosted the enthusiasm of everyone in the faction and we surely enjoyed playing together again on a game mode that has possible nice payouts like duct tape and polishing kits etc…

That being said, and this is why I am posting this, knowing that tickets gathering can be around 10-14 days to reach 245000, why not include an FA cost that gets everyone a paid access to the level of choice.

For example 1500 coins per access would be a cheap 50 coins per members and still big money for scopely. All u guys need to do is open a kind of purse where members can dump coins in and once that purse is at 1500 coins leaders can launch FA independent from their tickets total and coins in purse are reset to 0 with no cooldown.

In my opinion above will boost up factions activity again and bring back some life into camaraderie within factions which will benefit the life of the game as a whole.

Hope it gets done.


Sounds like a great idea. FA could be much more fun if we can do it more often.

Hmm I don’t see a good monetized option there, denied. More zeros needed behind that 50.

haha well lets keep it @50 as a request then if this gets some ears I guess we will see :wink:

Doesn’t a leader or co-leader need to start the assault? How do you get round that issue if the faction is dead?

Dead factions don’t stay dead for long if someone is active

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I thought scopely the removed the tokens from dead factions?

And I thought you needed to be there 14 days to take over? I’ve been trying to clear up dead factions (no tokens found so far either) and am having to wait ages to become leader and kick everyone. In my current faction no one else has been active since April 2017!

Some pass over night, some pass in a few days (upto 2 weeks), some won’t pass at all if leader is active in a different region.

I’ve seen people say in my region that tickets had been removed from dead factions they had “claimed” but i’m not sure

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focus guys lol, main topic is ability to do FA without waiting to gather the tickets :wink:

Whilst i get that, you may wanna reword your OP. The assault pirating is a “hot topic” and not everyone agrees with it. Personally idgaf, I applaud those who took advantage and clean up these dead factions.

Rather than coining to start assault I’d just love a reduction in t4 and 5 prices as no one cares for t1 - t3 assault in the bigger factions


I agree that its an exploit, though its open for everyone without exception.

I wasn’t excited when my coleaders started planning it, however after doing couple of rounds, I saw the life that it brought to the faction just from doing something collectively with some sort of immediate payout.

I hope what I suggested gets implemented, maybe another idea I dono, what im sure off is that access at will for FA will 100% boost engagement and the feel of camaraderie between faction members.

Bumping again @kalishane

I seriously think this will help factions to resurrect activity!

And its very easy to implement programming wise.