Faction assault bug?!?

. I’m geting this mesage for 2 days now. My username is deliverer region.bulloch faction seek@destroy.

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A litle help please whith the post

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We’re gonna check.

I am also recieving this aswell as someone else from my faction.

I’m receiving it as well, @CombatDevIl, but my co-leaders are not. We finished T5 this morning shortly before noon EST.

Yeah, after checking his save, we were able to notice the issue, a bug has been logged to fix that.

Amy idea on the time frame?

No, because that is not on me. For the time being, send me a PM with your account code that I will try to get someone to fix your save manually.

Will do. Thanks buddy.

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Well played. Took me two minutes to figure out what the hell you were replying to. Not even gonna edit it now. Lol

I am receiving this as well for the last two days. User name Saphy, region Dade, faction The New Order.

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Worst tech support ever…14 days and no change

Give them a month or so, prolonged holiday, it seems pulls did great job in paying vacation.

Any time frame yet?? No-one in my faction has gotten their rewards and this screen has been up for a week?? Should we all pm you our account codes?? Not being sarcastic btw lol we all legitimately need help with this! :confused:

My faction assault bug is fixed but they screw my rewards .They are playnig stupid and say that they cant fiind anytging wrong.i’v given up on the rewards…the tech support ard some incompetent morons.

Such bs… they should at least “gift” SOME kind of compensation, they CAN do that!