Faction assault BUG



My faction started tier 2 assault. after we cleared stage 1 we started to crash every time we picked stage 2. the game closes and it takes our energy away when we get back in the game.with a 24 hour reset this is crazy.anyone else having this issue?

Bug on faction offensive

Scopes pushed out a bugged update? Who would have guessed. That doesn’t sound like them. :joy: /endsarcasm
But yeah, same. Set a team to fight then crashed and put a 24 hour cooldown… tried again and same, so I just gave up on it. :unamused:


I dont believe you!

Are you sure this is scopelys fault? They usually have such bug free releases.

Did you try reloading your game, clearing data and reinstalling?

JK, /sarcasmmode=off

Seriously, I am so glad we didnt start one yet.



Yup happened to me


The same. Nigan with level 2. Already send a message to help, but I supposed that I will receive a standard email.
Such a big dissapointment!


i fixed you post… now its correct


Now glad we haven’t started ours yet. Looks like we’ll be holding off on that


@Zombie_Chow Could you provide your faction and realm? We are looking into it.

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I’m sure you have, but just in case you haven’t, have you attempted to exchange all of your toons and weapons for supply depot points to see if that cures the issue?


Same for our faction. Game crashes on stage 2 for everyone and draning fuel everytime. So we stuck on stage 2 wave 4/6.

And what Ive notice on stage 1 is that wepons do not work at all in Faction Assault. Dont know if it ment to be this way but Im sure of it because i was swarmed by zombies when every toon had like 75-80 crit and my 4s luke didnt get Very large ap bonus aswell so he was gathering ap for his ar 3 not 2 turns. So… “GUNZ NOT WERK” ;/

And I have found the feeback about not working crit bonus from beta server… so im pretty sure Im right.

Horrible update…


Faction : the grownups
Region : Lincoln (en)


Thanks for the info!


@Shawn.Scopely - Another case: Game crashes for all in faction. Press attack in Tier 1 - Phase 1 - Training Camp - Wave 1

Faction: SuicideSquad207 Region: Irwin


Well got a reply from support…its our fault. the whole faction has a CACHE or DATA problem so we gotta go to the settings and delete and reload the data/cache of course that didn’t work so next is uninstall the game which didn’t work.but of course its everyone in the factions fault not a BUG on their part


You wasted all that time and got scopley’d. :joy: did you feel like this afterwards?


Lincoln region?


That sounds like a Help Desk response. Let’s see what they say during business hours Friday.


For me the game crashes every time…i dont have to do anything. Of course it happens during world map stages, but even if i dont do anything at all, it still crushes. Also if i check something in faction assault and then go to town sceeen, everything lags (then comes crush again).
Im playing in android phone LG G3.


Yeah crashing in Lincoln


Region: Escambia
Faction: Frakcja !!! PL