Faction assault bug!

About a week ago my fx and I completed fx assault tier 4 in less than 12 hours. We still have not received our rewards and everyone has this horrible "calculating " screen that wont go away! Also, during the assault, only the last few scorers appeared to have points! Multiple faction members have written support, but still have not received any real resolution or consolation! The advice one of my teammates was told was that if they left the faction, then came back, the screen would reset and they would get their rewards. But no one wants to do that, especially not myself as leader! There must be some other fix, even if means that each account should have to be dealt with individually!.. HELP!!!

Username : Margaret <3 HoH
Faction : Horde of Harlots
Region : Spalding



We also had members locked out at the start only ever giving them the final results are being calculated come back later screen.


Any fix in the pipe line ?

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Been mentioned by @CombatMan that it’s an issue with a fix coming (next update, I assume).

But that definitely sucks for you guys. I was locked out for three weeks, so I definitely can relate.

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Contact CS. They should be able to help you out.

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Contacting CS has never resulted in a solution. Never. It is always the same message.

Thank you for contacting support. We have forward your issues to the development team. If you have any other questions please feel free to constant us again.

No solution. No results. No compensation. No answers.


How is this helpful or a solution?

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My faction is still waiting for a solution; it’s been 4 days.

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How long already u got this?

It’s been a week, maybe more now

Any other time they’d have an update… but when I really need one.?? Nope…

Ugh I’m sorry that sucks! It’s been at least a week for us, and even of they do an update I wonder if we’ll even get our rewards or if it’ll just be fixed for future events…

3 weeks?! Ugh! Seems like there’s an update every freaking week until we need one smh…

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