Faction assault bug - leader and weapon bonuses not working


I have encountered a serious bug during faction assault. My characters are not receiving stat boosts from leader skills or weapon boosts. For example, I went into a negan fight with Connie as lead with a weapon that gives 35% atk and a huge bonus to ap when attacking. However, when I long press on her icon at the start of battle, she has the same stats as on the character screen outside of battle. When I atk i only receive 20 ap instead of the 30 I should receive with the huge boost. I’m attaching a screenshot showing the stats unaffected by leader or weapon boosts

Weirdly, the special stats do seem to still be working. I have seen atk weigh stronger trait and bonus crit at the start if waves work on other weapons.

Our faction is doing tier 5 negan fight. None of my other faction mates have reported the same problem. It is happening to me every time I try to fight. I’ve tried manually selecting my team and autoselecting to no avail. I am playing on a Samsung galaxy s8 on the most current OS and I have the most recent update of the game {

Please look into this issue as it makes faction assault extremely difficult and frustrating when I can’t use my characters to their full extent.


Same shit happend to me. I thought it was bugged for all players…


AP weapons and leaderskills indeed do not work in Faction Assault. At least for me. Can confirm.


Already a thread on this issue