Faction assault bug! A dumb one too

Okay the last 2 faction assaults my faction has participated in we have encountered this annoying bug. When we finish a miniboss, this time being john. For some reason he is left with 1 hit point. And causes us to waste 1 of our attacks to literally hit him one more time and waste our precious energy. Please do something about this it is very annoying and inconvenient and should NOT be happening. All the money us players spend in this game and its constantly riddled with bugs and such. Thanks for your time…


This occurs because 2 people do a certain amount of damage and die such that neither player kills him, but the cumulative damage causes the boss to be reduced to 0 HP. The consequence was that it broke the Faction Assault where it couldn’t be progressed (because since no one actually killed it, the boss is still listed on the map but with 0 HP such that when trying to fight it, the game crashes). Was a Live bug that had to get patched via this result once we figured out the cause of factions not being able to progress. Having it so one person has to actually kill the boss seems reasonable to me.


I did finish the boss and this still happened

Thank you for the quick response tho

This is why when we do FA, we only one person attacking at one time for the first 4 stages. So nothing overlaps. It’s a hard thing to do when people don’t listen, but it works. My faction has beaten Negan within 2 hours.

Once we get to Negan boss, we just stack in and attack.

I’m not surprised people don’t listen. Scopely’s horrendous scoring system screws those who do the later levels because it’s harder to do damage. With three attacks I can cruise through the first three and if my faction mates weren’t doing it at the same time they’d score a lot less damage off mega bitch Tara and Negan