Faction Assault (Beta) Update


I’m over this…This is just another Survival Road nonsense.

Toons are just far to over powering to be in the game & on top of that the requirements for each team to go into battle against Negan’s boys is retarded.

How TF are you gonna pit us against an all tough team & have us only take in alert members only?

You gonna lose every time…SMMFH!

Requirements for these missions are retarded



Will be easier in live region with full roster and 30 active players


Yes, extremely difficult, so the only way to succeed will be to leech off your teammates by not doing any of the work at all. This happens in a game I played called Brave Frontier. Teammates joined a raid, the bosses were hard, so people leeched and let the heavy hitters do all the work. XD


I truly hope they re-balance the difficulty. I feel like the arena which requires only S2 team actually requires S3+ team. Or maybe it requires S2 with a super special weapon. Call me a noob but i couldn’t inflict much dmg on final boss negan tier 5 by using S5++ team :sneezing_face:


Yeh but at least the heavy hitters are rewarded for their work by in house rankings and rewards


I can see where “leeching” could be a problem with FA. However, the local solo leaderboard for each assault is pretty transparent and you can see who contributed the most in the rankings. Those individuals will be awarded for their contribution with extra currencies to shop for things they need (gear, active skill trainers, and museum pieces for characters). Thus, those individuals will be able to move forward faster with upgrading and maxing out their character’s skills.

Furthermore, there is also a Ticket contribution local leaderboard where you will see the contribution of all 30 members (assuming you have 30 people in your faction) and their daily contributions through activities. This could be a bad thing or a good thing, as you can see who is contributing to the faction pool and who is not… This gives you an opportunity to help them out, offer advice, or help their gameplay. It is a faction-focused event where you will be most successful as a whole unit and not just a few carrying the whole faction. If any scenarios of “carrying” or “leeching” show up however, feel free to post about them so that we can figure it out together.


Well that is something that can be controlled or taken care of on a faction-based level since you can easily remove them from the faction. It would be up to your leadership to evaluate any leechers who are in your faction to just collect prizes.


I think you may have misunderstood or misinterpreted what I was trying to communicate.


Have you participated in it? I’m concerned that the difficulty will actually be exactly the same as the later stages of SR where the “challenge” is provided via cheapness and greater chance weapons


Only in testing yes, not with my own personal roster that I have on my main account. It is supposed to be difficult in a different way. In SR you don’t really need faction communication and coordination since it is more a solo venture. “World bosses” aren’t necessarily supposed to be easily killed without some sort of group effort and synchronization.


Thank you for the information