Faction assault and prizes


Can we have an adjustment to the scores so that dmg on tougher later bosses give more points. I don’t know how this works or if people coin to TOP up hits but it seems to me people who get the early hits in get all the score.

Like 300,000 in comparison to 40,000 for those who come in late. Because players live all o"in different time zone, my faction decides to average out the starting time to fit most people and it’s 2am for me.

For the past 3 assaults , When I wake in the morning I’m always left with the last boss.

Maybe the first boss isn’t always much easier than the last, but to my knowledge , not sure the reason for the vast differences in score.

And I read in another post this was the reason.



I think Faction Assault is very much still a work in progress.

  • Tickets are too hard to come by : it’s gonna take years to get 6* Tara.
  • Players who attack the early bosses are gonna place first every time, and that’s not completely fair. Still, your faction can work together to avoid this problem
  • Most top factions were able to beat tier 5 easily

As for the difference in scores --> the scores are based on the damage you do. It is easier to do more damage to the earlier bosses, so the score will naturally end up being higher for players who attack at that point.

I’ll bet they make at least a few changes eventually, especially with tickets. Work with your faction to make it more fair, if you can.