Faction Assault 1350 limit

Is there a reason why we are limited to 1,350 tokens per day?
Will we ever be able to earn Faction Assault tickets? Like for example in a faction raid tourney where 1st gets 25k or so…

I think it is stupid as well to be limited. Granted though I have only hit the limit twice myself.

U want tickets as an event reward? :O, and here I was wondering how they could make rewards worse…u nailed it :x

The “limit” isn’t much of a limit. You have to spend to hit it. I’m guessing the limit is in place to cap those with no limit spending.

I don’t spend, and most of my faction doesn’t either. But we have had multiple players hit it.

Only because you have built up resources. Once those are depleted then you will have to spend to hit it.

What resources? I don’t even raid to get tickets. I farm, may use a refill can every other day or so. I do the SR, , occasionally attack in territories and that is about it. There is no resources built up.

Ugh. You don’t get assault tickets from SR except during a tourney. The natural combined energy of raids, territories and world do not get you close to 1350. Feel free to do the math. Multiple refills are required to hit 1350 although it is easier during an SR tourney or war. You will have to spend either resources or money to get to 1350.

If 1350 was a limit on free energy then I would agree with lifting the cap but to do it only so people can spend does not make sense to me.

Why raise it if you rarely hit it?

Gotcha. What’s your lifetime ticket total?

I know they aren’t available on SR unless its a tourney… I just was stating the only things I do. Like I said, I have hit it but only twice and most likely was during an SR tourney but I wasn’t paying attention. Our faction asks that we get at least 300 a day. We also always have the +20% world timer territory so that helps somewhat.

Try hitting it when there is no tourney. I think you’ll see it really isn’t limiting.

Sounds like a cool agreement. How much are you spending to hit the limit 4/7 days?

I have never even got close and have a very solid team and near max level player. Some times I am up 20 hours messing around and still don’t get close to the limit.

Mind you I only raid on events but everything else is maximized.

Anyways point is I don’t think it’s easy to hit the cap.

Very active players who are spending, yes. Those refills will run out. To hit the max on a non tourney day takes 5-10 refills? Even with a couple hundred they are gone within 6 weeks and then costs 500+ coins per day to hit it regularly.

I am also in a top faction and I work from home so I am always using my free energy. I just don’t hoard my cans. If those who have built up resources just wait a month I don’t think they’ll be asking for an increase to the limit. Spending over $100 a week to hit a higher limit only benefits a small minority.

everything Scopely has done recently decreases the gap between p2p and f2p. Why would they change something to increase the gap again? Raising the limit only helps the spenders get more of an advantage.

I’m all for rewarding grinders. Not so much with letting the spenders go wild.

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