Factio lvl up or


Will it change again last minute?

I sure as heck hope so. Faction level ups have some of the worst rewards. In fact, every faction event’s rewards pale in comparison when up matched against solo rewards.

On top of this pointless change, we also lost a day for both tournaments so thanks for that sweet last minute change as well. And the final pile of garbage that is today we also got another fantastic 24-hour survival road. Can’t wait to pick up one of those can “deals” so I can finish it. :crazy_face:

What I really can’t wait for is State of Decay 2. I can get my zombie fix in without having to shell out cash all the time.


I really hate faction level ups. The prizes are such trash. I won’t hit 2 million for the necklaces in the faction one with solo right around the corner. They should start running solo and faction level ups at same time with separate rewards.


It better not change, me and my whole region have been wating for faction lvlups! I get all my characters to T4 lvl1 and then sit and wait for a faction LVLup!! Too many solo events are making factions pointless :frowning:

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