Fact or fiction.. treasure hunt event

Is there any truth to the rumor that if u listen to this song while running the treasure roadmap or while ur doing ur treasure trove pulls u will have a better chance of getting awesome loot?


Fact. It’s not as effective as donating to my PayPal though, each donation exponentially increases your odds.

Heard somewhere you should listen to this one while doing premier character pulls …


So long and thanks for all the shoes.

If u don’t see the tongue in cheek sarcasm in my post then that’s not my problem. No need to be rude to ppl cause u don’t like the music.

I understand sarcasm perfectly well and my response too was meant in jest… if your going to make joke posts then you will get joke replies. If cant take em don’t make em.

If you love Bruno mars so much why don’t you just marry him…

Lol except yours was an insult & you singlied me out. My post was about a event, not aimed at anyone. I’m sure there’s a difference in joking about a event & song vs slinging insults other person & calling it a joke.

The “you” was meant generally not specifically aimed at you personally. I apologise if came across that way as it was not directed at you.

You created a public post for public response… it was light hearted as was my response.